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UI developer - React, Redux, NodeJs, JavaScript, GraphQL
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38 years old
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
14 years
Nabendu Kumar Biswas Profile 14 years of IT industry experience encompassing a wide range of skill set, roles and industry verticals. 5 years working experience as UI developer. Started learning web development since 2011 and applied by creating Windows 8 in Vanilla JavaScript. Very strong working knowledge of JavaScript including ES6. Full knowledge of MERN stack. Strong skills in various Frontend technologies (React, Redux, Flux, JavaScript, CSS). Strong skills to convert wire-frames to web-app using CSS concepts like Flexbox and Grid. Experience in leading and managing teams. Handled multiple roles - Project Lead, Developer. Executed software projects for Internet Security, Investment Banks, and Transport industry Did a lot of side projects in React, Redux and NodeJS. Details of all side projects at Open source contributor in Mozilla addon site and developer of Open source addons in Firefox. Tech Blogger and write blogs related to JavaScript, ReactJS in medium. Detailed portfolio site at Looking for opportunity in UI development as a Developer or Team Lead. Skill Set Web Technologies: React, Redux, AngularJS, NodeJS Databases: Oracle, Sybase, Cassandra, MongoDB Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Groovy Testing: Chai, Mocha, Enzyme, Spock O/S: Red hat Linux, Solaris, Unix Devops: Docker, Jenkins, Azure Education: Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering - 2004, Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, India Professional Experience Dec 18– till date, UI Lead, Innominds Software Pvt. Ltd As a UI Lead is responsible for development and leading a UI team for Innominds client Quantam Secure. Quantam Secure (Part of HID Global) is the global leader in physical securities(ID card , Biometrics etc). It's SAFE suite of software enables security practitioners to integrate disparate physical security systems, vendors and other third-party identities across a global organization. Working on the Aviation module, which have started to deploy in Airports around the world. Leading the UI team for Aviation module. Working on Agile team on strict deadlines Developing new modules in AngularJS(1.6) in typescript. Working closely with client Back-end team to integrate with Front-end. Completed a successful delivery for Sydney airport. Doing Code Reviews for Team Members. Environment: AngularJS(1.6), Typescript. Apr 18– Dec 18, UI Developer, IBM India Pvt. Ltd. India As a UI Developer is responsible for development of web-app in retail industry for IBM India customer Tesco. Working on a scratch project to automate the Devops workflow at Tesco. The web-app is used by various team, who want to deploy their project in Azure. The complete Git flow is automated through the web-app. Also, various PieCharts, LineCharts are been displayed, which show various cost, usage and other things to the authorized user. Creating the UI with the wire-frame provided using in-depth knowledge of advanced CSS techniques like Flexbox and Grid Layout. Created UI component in React/Redux and integrate with the Restful APIs. Created Restful API endpoints in NodeJS for various web-app. Created various PieCharts, LineCharts using D3.js react library Recharts. The MVP was completed in 3 months and appreciated by client. Environment: React, Redux, NodeJS. Mar 18– Apr 18, UI Developer, IBM India Pvt. Ltd. India As a UI Developer was responsible for development, testing and enhancement of a solution in food industry for IBM US customer Kraft Heinz. A Financial web-app mainly to be used by Traders at Kraft Heinz to help them, with their financial transactions. The web-app generated different predictive models for various items. Worked in the UI development team to deliver a Financial web-app to the customer. Worked closely with a backend team of data analyst to develop the UI. Enhanced the UI which was built in Angular 4+. Added new feature and optimized the code. Did testing and UI bug fixes before the product was delivered to the client. Environment: Angular 4+, TypeScript, NodeJS, Impala. Sep 17 – Feb 18, UI/Full Stack Developer, IBM India Pvt. Ltd. India As a UI Developer in an agile process responsible for development, testing and deployment of a new solution in transportation for IBM US customer BNSF railways. Responsible for full stack development in delivering solution to our customer in the Transport sector. Deliver new and complex high-quality solutions to clients in response to varying business requirements Utilize in-depth knowledge of technical experience in UI development (React/Redux) other leading-edge products and technology in conjunction with industry and business skills to deliver solutions to customer. Responsible for development, unit testing using Chai, Mocha, Enzyme and implementation in Azure. Using a wide range of latest technologies like React/Redux, Cassandra, Jenkins, Azure, Spring boot java to meets project goals. Worked on the complete lifecycle of the product. Created UI component in React/Redux. Created RESTful endpoints in Java/Groovy, which communicated with Cassandra database. Deployed the product through Jenkins in Azure. Environment: React/Redux, Spring boot Java, Cassandra, Jenkins, Azure Jan 17 – Sep 17,UI Developer/ Lead, IBM India Pvt. Ltd. India As a Project Lead responsible for providing UI development for a suite of financial web applications for Citibank. Responsible for leading a project team in delivering services to our customer in the Investment Banking sector. Responsible for effective communication between the project team and the customer. Provide day to day direction to the project team and regular project status to the customer. Utilize in-depth Technical experience in Javascript, to connect to REST-ful endpoints on different services using AJAX call. As a Project lead was involved in the setting up the team at Bangalore. Establish Quality Procedure for the team and continuously monitor and audit to ensure team meets quality goals. Environment: Javascript, Bootstrap Team Size: 5 to 8 Jul 14 – Jan 17, UI Developer/ Lead, L&T Infotech, India Worked as a team lead - UI in the Citibank project. Responsible for effective communication between the project team and the customer. Enhanced and maintained suite of financial web applications. Extensively used JIRA for issue tracking and delivering the fixes. Developed reusable codes to reduce development time. As a Project lead was involved in the setting up the team at Mumbai. Environment: JavaScript, Bootstrap Team Size: 5 to 8 Apr 09 – Jun 14,Associate, J.P.Morgan Services India Pvt Ltd, India Worked as an automation developer to automate the various repetitive tasks done my various support teams in J.P. Morgan. Key project implementations Coordinated and understood the daily tasks done my various production support teams. Automated a large number of daily status mails, disk space monitoring using Unix and Perl scripts. Worked on a project implemented in Perl to combine all monitoring tools like Nagios, Geneos Foglight to a single platform. Environment: Unix Shell Script, Perl Worked as a Technical lead and travelled to various vendor locations to understand the design, implementation and code for projects. This role was made to bring back some projects back to the bank from vendors. Key project implementations Travelled to Bangalore and Hyderabad and understood the complete business logic, design and code for projects. Shared and trained team in Mumbai with the technical and business knowledge. Environment: Unix Shell Script, Perl, Oracle Oct 06 – Apr 09, Associate Consultant, Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd, India As a L2 production support team member, supported business critical financial applications for Deutsche Bank. Provided L2 production support for various financial applications to ensure smooth business operations. Updated the stored procedures on Sybase/Oracle for the routine database queries and client queries Created the Unix Shell Scripts for routine monitoring of system logs. Interacted with traders to resolve their trade related technical queries. Environment: Sybase, Unix, Unix Shell script Jun 05 - Sep 06, Software Engineer, Internet Trends Pvt Ltd, India Worked as a Software Engineer, in a Product based company which specialized in developing network based enterprise solution for spyware and adware detection and blocking. Real Blocker was a network based enterprise solution that monitors applications communicating over the HTTP, FTP and SMTP for spyware and adware detection and blocking. It also blocked network based worms, pop-ups and ad-blocking, privacy and cookie control. The system basically runs on Linux and has a 3 tier architecture consisting of Sensor, Manager and Console. Worked in developing the Sensor part of it in C++ with MySQL database. Environment: Red hat Linux, C++, MySQL Dec 04 - May 05, Technical Assistant, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, India Worked as a Junior research assistant, in Govt of India, research lab C-DAC, Bangalore. Worked on creating ESI parser. ESI parser was a parser to parse ESI (Edge Side Include) markup language. ESI accelerated dynamic Web-based applications by defining a simple markup language to describe the cacheable and non-cacheable web based components. This ESI parser was to be deployed in the Edge Servers so it accelerates dynamic web pages and reduced the load on the origin server. ESI was an open specification and a W3C standard. Worked on Pinger Project initiated by Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) for monitoring worldwide Internet performance. In order to do this several worldwide monitoring sites have been setup in which C-DAC; Bangalore is the monitoring site in Indian Region. To make up a monitoring site, they got the required tools from SLAC and customize to the local environment for deploying. Environment: Red hat Linux, C++, Perl Certifications: Front end developer certification from FreeCodeCamp. Responsive Web Design certification from FreeCodeCamp. IBM Agile Explorer from IBM. References: Available upon request
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