Nick Gashkov

Full-stack Web Developer (Python, Vue)
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
23 years old
Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
2 years

Hello there!

My name is Nick and I'm a professional Python developer with over 2 years of industry experience with strong knowledge of back-end web technologies such as Python (Django) to build RESTful APIs. In addition to a back-end of web services, I have developed command line scripts, data science services with numpy, pandas and desktop applications with PyQt.

I feel comfortable working with the following topics:

Python: stdlib, numpy, pandas, PyQt, Celery, Django, XLSX, DOCX, PDF generation;

Django: ORM, CBV, templates, queries optimization, Django REST Framework;

JS: Webpack, Babel;

Vue: Vuex, Vue Router;


PostgreSQL: indices, transactions, database design;

Caching: Redis, Memcache;

Ops: Nginx, Gunicorn, Supervisord, Ansible;

Git: basic git workflow (pull, commit, push, merge, etc.).

I'm familiar with:

  • CSS: Sass, Flex,, Bootstrap;

  • NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Redis);

  • C, C++, Golang;

  • LaTeX.

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