Nina Ibarz

Hi! I’m Nina, Web/UI/soon to be UX Designer based in Barcelona.
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
33 years old
El Masnou, Catalunya, Spain
8 years
N I N A W E B I b a r z D E S I G N E R pro fil e Pou 1, Atc - 08930, El Masnou Barcelona, Spain Hello! I am Nina, a Web, UI and soon to be UX designer based in Barcelona, Spain. I work on visuals, storytelling, conceptual graphics and suitable solutions for websites and devices. - s k i l l s E ducation C o m m u ni c a t i o n Universitat Oberta de Catalunya PRESENT Graphic Design Escola Massana de Barcelona 2008 - 2010 N u t r i t i o n & Di e t e t i c s Universitat Rovira i Virgili 2005 - 2008 MAC / PC photoshop illustrator indesign fireworks skecth E x p e rti s e web design UI design vi s u a l D e s i g n s t o r y t e l l in g b r an d i d e n t i t y invision wordpress html/css l an g u a g e s spanish catalan english t r ainin g Introduction to p l annin g & o r g ani z a t i o n : K e y Fa c t o r s Barcelona Activa, 2013 C o r p o r a t e S o c ia l Responsibility Barcelona Activa, 2013 Architecture of the in f o r m a t i o n : g u a r an t e e for the user experience Cibernàrium, 2013 t r ainin g U s a b i l i t y : d e s i g nin g t h e w e b t h in k in g o f the users Cibernàrium, 2013 S o c ia l M e d ia S t r a t e g y : S o c ia l n e t w o r k s t r a t e g i e s f o r b r an d s Cibernàrium, 2013 user experience design Hack Design, 2017 ex pe r i e n ce web D esigner at M A C H I N A S I was hired as a web designer at the digital agency Machinas in Barcelona. I worked for clients such as Escada, Hugo Boss and Esprit. A year after I got promoted and permanently joined the Jack Wolfskin team. My team and I would work on web design for the brand, from daily business to special projects linked to seasonal campaigns. The brand’s DNA is built up on two essential ways of communication, storytelling and technology, which are essential criteria for the design of landing pages and other kind of original content. On the other hand, I have also taken over the creation of internal guidelines and stylebooks for a better management of the visual idenity. The main focus in this team has been creating web contents under the principles of responsiveness, with a special eye on the translation of big projects into UI design for devices. MACHINAS barcel o na 2014 to present designer at desig u al spain I collaborated on freelance base with Desigual Spain for three months. I worked on online and offline materials based on promotions and seasonal campaigns, and also created visual identities for special projects that would involve Coachella 2014 and 080 Barcelona, among others. The formats would include landing pages, newsletters, store materials, catwalks big pieces, Save the Date flyers, banners, social media materials and packaging. I worked along with the design team, photographers, copywriters, printers, fashion designers, video editors, social media managers and marketing professionals. desig u al spain barcel o na 2014 f reelance designer I was a freelancer for four years. I grew my client and professional agenda through networking and working on multidisciplinary projects. I worked with Koko Klim, Thelos, Tina Prat, DLab Adv, Mercor Tarragona (Apple Store Reseller), among others. My field of expertise used to be branding identity, I used to build up companies from the ground up. I worked under sustainable values, which created a more valuable sort of results, as well as a more specialized environment. The needs of the projects eventually shift to online needs that helped to my transition to web design. f reelance barcel o na- grap h ic designer In my first experience in a designer studio I had would work both as a designer and a creative. The projects would involve mostly the creation of offline formats of different nature. I would do packacing, big print formats, identity and illustration projects, among others. I used to have direct meetings with the clients, what would provide me of a good training I would perfection in the future. TGD tarrag o na 2009
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