Njoku Chijioke Kesta

Customer Service/ Experience Manager Client Support/ Relationship
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28 years old
Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
3 years

I am

• A Customer-Centric Professional who excels at uncovering customer needs, designing personalized solutions, products, and services through the use of user feedback from Multi-Channel Communications conveniently suited for all categories of customers.

• With a high level of Service Awareness trained to identify all the customer touchpoints in a business and create amazing customer experiences, however “unimportant” this touchpoint might seem. My maxim is “All touchpoints matter”

• Able to identify customer Pain point, however obscure, through:

o Analyzing the data collected.

o Predictive analysis, through trends.

• A thinker, who improves organizational systems and processes by:

o Designing or applying existing systems and processes.

o Testing this process or system.

o Obtaining and analyzing Feedback from the testing.

o Improving the system through data-backed conclusions from the analysis.

o Looping this process till that system, product or process is almost flawless.

• Self-motivated, analytical, and with exceptional communication and digital marketing competencies such as; Content creation, Social Media Marketing, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

My work experiences so far has caused me to deal with humans directly, customers and colleagues and at the moment, work with Hygeia HMO, Nigeria's foremost health insurance company, and my job includes;

Conducting studies and research to discover new ways to improve the customer experience.

Monitoring compliance on set overall performance standards for service delivery across the organisation.

Support operational readiness via system testing support and progress reports.

Resolves service problems using independent judgment and If necessary accesses other sources and departments for input, including, but not limited to risk department, legal department, or other entities:

Clarifies the consumer’s complaint; determines the cause of the problem; selects and explains the best solution to solve the problem; expedites correction or adjustment and following up to ensure resolution.

Independently interact with our clients and various internal/external business partners to provide timely and complete resolution to inquiries/requests within established timeframes.

Engage customers directly and other agents via telephone and Emails to build rapport and diffuse difficult conversations through soft skills and active listening.

Collects consumer information and analyzes customer needs and pain points via telephone, email, after-care and periodic surveys.

My key achievement, is being Instrumental in the creation of a culture which embraces high-quality customer service across Hygeia HMO, ensuring that management systems and processes drive service delivery outcomes at all touchpoints. This led to 25% increase in the ROI in the last quarter.

However, the skill I consider the most important to me, is my ability to be independent, learn quick and apply new skill with minimal supervision

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