Okamke Usang

Sales funnels Coach// CLickFunnels Expert // Business Developer and Strategist // Paid Ads.
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31 years old
Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria
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My name is Okamke U, the lead partner at FunnelMind.

FunnelMind is a sales funnels consulting and Paid-ads agency that consult, creates strategies, builds, and implements sales funnel systems and digital Ads processes for businesses, products, and services.

We have worked with several high profile business and business owners around the world, assisting them to achieve ground breaking sales systems and Social Media Ads, that had proven to work with over $1,000,000 revenue in results. 

Our system and structure goes through the process of 

1. Understanding your business and it’s terrain. 

2. Identifying pain points. 

3. Creating the hook/bait. 

4. Building a story for the process. 

5. Creating the offer process. 

6. Implementation. 

7. Follow up. 

The sales funnel systems above is meticulously implemented in very religious detail, and then Digital/SM Marketing takes it from there.

We will help you build the system and create the offers that would not only guarantee eyeballs, but will generate paying leads that make it easy to sell well packaged products/Services of yours using the funnel system.

I’m open with a whooping discount for a short period of time to jump on your project and harness for you the profitability that abounds in implementing this system.

Best regards.

To Success. 

Okamke U.

-Sales Funnels Expert // Paid Ads Agency // Business Developer and Strategist // Consultant and Coach.

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