Pablo Tarbine

Lead QA Analyst.
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
48 years old
Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina
10 years
Pablo Eliseo TARBINE PERSONAL DATA and CURRICULUM VITAE 1. Personal Data Pablo Eliseo Tarbine, born in Córdoba, Argentina, May 17, 1972. ID-, Married. Address: Nataniel Morcillo 1815, Bº Lourdes (ex Maipu II sección), Córdoba City, Argentina. Celular Phone: 00 (011 from USA) - 54 - 9 - 351 -. Local Number: 00 (011 from USA) - 54 - 351 -. Professional Registry at the Córdoba Specialist Engineers College (CIEC) E-Mail:-,-Skype account: "pablo.tarbine". Passport Nº.: AAC-. Curriculum Vitae 2.0 HighSchool Title  “Bachiller Humanista” Colegio Nacional de Monserrat. 2.1 Professional Title  Information System Engineer (UTN-FRC) 2.2 Testing Experience:  Funtional Testing:  Analysis and Test Cases designs  Test Cases execution  Documentation  Testing Tools: Mercury, Quality Center, Test link  Experience in testing about software update, social network creation in websites, Booking system with airlines passages on line, social messenger social mobile, content management system (CMS).  Testing Automation: o Scripts Creation (Initial Level) o Scripts execution of the aplication using some automation testing tool. o Documentation o Automation tools worked: Winrunner – QTP (Junior)- Eclipse (Junior). 2.3 Oracle Education  Oracle Developer capacitation course (PL/SQL, FORMS, REPORTS) at Vates (June/ July, 2005) certified.  ORACLE DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR (ORACLE UNIVERSITY), corresponding to The Workforce Development Program, Blas Pascal University (2003).  Oracle Designer Selfstudy (Ciec, 2001).  Oracle Developer Selfstudy (Ciec, 2001). 1  Management and Programming of Relational Data Bases (Infotechnology 2000) as assistant to lectures: Conceptual Modeling Data Bases: Entity/Relationship Relational Data Bases Design Object Relational Data Bases Design using Oracle Designer 6.0 Object Relational Data Programming Management of Object Relational Data using Oracle 8i. 3. Projects participated: 3.1 “AACORN- American Airlines” (EDS) a. Project: AACORN- American Airlines – Years: 2007, 2008, 2009. b. Business project: Booking flights (reservation). c. Architecture(web|desktop): desktop, websphere with java environment. d. Technology: Java e. Database: Sabre f. Role: Functional Testing (manual and automated) g. Activities worked: Test cases execution (manual and automated) making a results report “a posteriori”. h. i. Project Time: unknown (worked during two and a half years). Language project: english J. Management defects tools: Starteam Repository. k. Testing automation tools: Winrunner and QTP (initial) l. Other tools: Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Word. m. Members quantity: 5 members and 1 Project Manager n. Process: after receive the test cases made by the client, generate the scripts (initial level) and make the subsequent execution, ending with a fail reports found over each test case (regression testing every two weeks). 3.2 “Arcos Dorados Argentina” Project (EDS) Year: 2008. a. Project Name: Arcos Dorados. b. Business Project: Mc donalds-argentina c. Architecture (web|desktop): desktop d. Technology: Sap e. Database: unknown f. Role: Migration testing of “Meta 4” System to SAP. This is about payment salary and certifícate of services. g. Activities worked: test cases generation (black box) and subsequent execution of them. Generation of payment salary and certifícate of services of report in SAP services. 2 h. Project Time: unknown (worked during two months). i. Language project: spanish j. Management defects tools: Starteam Repository. l. Other tools: Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Word. L. Members quantity: 1 member and 1 Project Manager M. Process: test cases design with its subsequent execution according with the reports made in sap by the same tester and later make the control with the historical information received from the meta 4 system by the client. 3.3 Tenaris Project- Techint (Year: 2008) a. Project:: Tenaris. b. Business project: scrap sale c. Architecture (web|desktop): desktop d. Technology: Sap e. Database: unknown f. Role: Regression testing ( There was a training during a month about that, with the objective to make a regression testing, but the Project was canceled by the company). 3.4 Bancolombia Project (EDS)- Years: 2008, 2009. a. Project:: Bancolombia b. Business project: Gestion Bancaria c. Architecture(web|desktop): desktop and Web (Citrix and JD Edwards) d. Technology:: Mainframe- Cobol e. Database: DB2 f. Role: Functional Testing g. Activities worked: Test case design, Homogeneización Matrix and Test cases Execution with fails reports. h. Project Time: unknown (8 months). i. Language: Spanish – English (working wiht India and Colombia too). k. Management defects tools: Starteam Repository. l. Testing design tool: Quality Center de Mercury. m. Other tools: Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Word. n. Members quantity: 8 members and 1 Project Manager o. Process: test case designs with test data and homogeneisation matrix with his subsequent execution using Quality Center tool. 3  Goals in EDS - Global Practice Testing area : 3.5 Natura Project (Globant) – Year: 2009. a. Project: Natura. b. Business project: social network creation in websites c. Architecture(web|desktop): web d. Technology: Java e. Database:: SQL Server f. Role: Funtional Testing - QA Tester g. Activities worked: design and execution Test cases (manual and automated) h . Project Time: 8 months (working during the 3 last months of it). i. Language project: spanish - english j. Management defects tools: X-Planner l. Other tools: Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Word, openoffice. m. Members quantity: 10 members and 1 Project Manager n. Process: test case design and execution. Fail reports. Retests and Regression test of them. Closing fails cases belongs to initial sprints. o. Agile/Scrum development process. 4 3.6 IFC Project - Interline Fare Calculator (ID90 Technologies) – Year: 2010, 2011. IFC: ID90T’s Interline Fare Calculator®, the end-user interface to ID90T’s Interline Ticket Platform™ (ITP). a. Project: IFC - Interline Fare Calculator b. Business Project: passages sale “Non Revenue” online or offline travel to airline employees (Online travel: when the airline employee make the trip of the company where he Works and viceversa with the Offline travel case). c. Architecture (web|desktop): web d. Technology: php e. Base de datos: SQL Server f. Role: Functional Testing - QA Tester g. Activities worked: Test tolls and business rules about this application (For example: Research, Request, Ticketing Tools). h. Language: Spanish – English i. Management Project tool: Target Process j. Management defects tools:. Target Process k. Automation Tool: Selenium – Java Eclipse (initial) l. Other tools: Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Word.. Skype m. Members quantity: 6 members and 1 Product owner managing the QA Team. n. QA Process: Scrum methodology. It Works with the concept process of Beta, Staging, Manteinance and Custom (client site branch). User Stories are created over each beta. When they fail the detected bugs are upload.They are corrected by Manila ID90 workers, and finally they are approved or not by the QA team in Córdoba, Argentina. o. Agile/Scrum development process. 3.7 Nimbuzz Argentina Project – Years: 2011, 2012. a. Project: Nimbuzz Mobile b. Business project: social messenger social mobile (free). c. Architecture (web|desktop): web, desktop, Mobile. d. Tecnology: Java, php. e. Data Base: f. Role: Test Planner g. Activities worked: Analysis and test plan Design. Ambigüity Test over functional documentation. Analysis and test case creation. h. Language project: spanish – English 5 i. Management Project tool: Jira j. Management defects tools: Jira l. Other tools: Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Word. OpenOffice m. Members quantity: QA area with 12 members and the QA Manager, subarea Test Planners with 2 members. o. QA Process: input with information of functionalities and especifications relationed for each client that use Nimbuzz application (Android, Iphone, Blackberry, Midp, etc) with the objective of a standard general test cases and their execution a posteriori. 3.8 RSuite CMS Project (RSI Content Solutions) – Years: 2013 to 2017 (Inclusive). a. Project: RSuite CMS b. Business project: Crafting and deploying content management solutions. c. Architecture (web|desktop): web, desktop, Mobile. d. Tecnology: Java, Html, XML, Souce Labs, Jenkins, Slack. e. Data Base: MarkLogic. f. Role: UI Functional Testing. g. Activities worked: Analysis, Design and Execution of Test Cases. Smoke Testing, Exploratory Testing, Regression Testing, Performance Smoke Testing. h. Language project: English i. Management Project tool: Jira j. Management defects tools: Jira l. Other tools: Oxygen XML Editor. Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Word. m. Members quantity: RSuite Core Team with 7 members o. QA Process: Smoke Testing, Test cases Design and Execution. Regression Testing, Exploratory Testing. Reporting of Bugs. Verification of Fixed Bugs. p. Agile/Scrum development process. 6 7 4. English Background Formation  Conversation Course, IICANA (2005).  ADVANCED, PROFICIENCY IN ENGLISH, IICANA (2003).  English Instruction Program, IICANA (2002) (Argentine-North-American Cultural Interchange Institute) o Languages Programming knowledge: C++ (and C++ O.O.),Turbo Pascal, RM Cobol 85, Visual Basic, PL/SQL.   Credit Card and Digital verifying systems were made in RM Cobol 85. Legislative Management System at the Representatives House in Delphi Language as a thesis -). 5. Other Courses  Visual Basic course for Internet (Adminent, 2000).  Introduction Course for Networks Management under Novell Netware V.3.11 (UTN 1995).  UML 2.0 Seminar (2006). 6. Laboral Background               Software Companies: QA Engineer Cytex International Corporation, 01/04/2013 to 06/30/2017. Test Planner (QA Engineer) Nimbuzz Argentina, 07/07/2011 to 02/27/2012. Tester SemiSenior (QA Engineer) ID90 Technologies, 05/19/2010 to 03/31/2011. Tester SemiSenior (QC Analyst) in Globant (Soluciones Globales), 07/29/2009 to 12/31/2009. Tester EDS Argentina (Electronic Data System), 03/19/2007 al 07/27/2009. (see EdsBoosting Program). Oracle Developer (Forms, Reports, PL/SQL). Lempert from June, 2006 to September, 2006. Teaching Career: Teacher in Charge of “ Educación Tecnológica” : “ Colegio IPEM 150 Juan Larrea.” August 2009 to August 2014. Teacher in Charge of “Práctica Profesionalizante” INSTITUTO SUPERIOR “Presbítero Manuel Robert”, “Technical Systems”. March 2012 to March 2013. Teacher in Charge of “Taller de Herramientas Informáticas” INSTITUTO SUPERIOR “Presbítero Manuel Robert”, “Technical Systems”. March 2011 to March 2012. Teacher in Charge of “Análisis y Diseño de Trabajo Final” “INSTITUTO SUPERIOR “Presbítero Manuel Robert””, “Analyst System career. March 2010 March 2011. Teacher in Charge of “Probabilidad”, “Estadistica” and “Integración y Práctica I and II” . “ INSTITUTO SUPERIOR “Presbítero Manuel Robert””, “Analyst System career”. March 2009 to march 2010. Teacher of Applied Informatics: “Presbítero Manuel Robert” Superior Institute. “Superior Technician in Management of Organizations”. October, 2006 to January, 2008. Teacher in Charge of the Computing Laboratory: Mark Twain Bilingual School. From august, 2004 to January,2006. Teacher in Charge of the Computing Laboratory: IPEM 82 “Santiago Penna” School, from 2001 to 02/18/2008 8 Commercial Experience:  Internal Auditory Employee “L’Equipe Deportes” . Ample knowledge in the administrative circuit 1991 to 1999. 7. Courses Taught  Computing Course for High School Teachers  Educative Software Course for the Mark Twain Bilingual School  Private teaching of Computing and Statistics. 8. Referents 8.1 Profesional References: * Gerrit, Olie. General Manager at Cytex International Corporation. Email:- * Lisa, Bos. Owner of RSI. Phone Number:-. Email:-,- * Heather Dianno, Project/Product Manager of RSI. Email:-,- * Belizan, Carlos, Project Manager, Intel Company. Tel.: - * Cortez, Rodrigo, Tester Señor,Globant Company, Tel: - * Brasca, Matías, QA Manager, Nimbuzz Argentina Company. Tel.: -. * Marut, Sergio, (Ex Test Director en HP). Bussines Development Manager, “Aceitera General Deheza S.A.. Tel.: -”. 8.2 Personal References: * Dr. Hillar, Raúl(Economics), General Manager of IICANA. Phone :-. * Dr. Pedro Saracho Cornet, Pedro (Medicine), Former Dean of the school of Medicine, Cordoba Nacional University; at present Graduate Professionals Area Secretary. School of Medicine. Phone:- (internal 2). * Elizabeth Fiumara. Manager of Banco De Córdoba , Area Individuos.Tel-. July, 2017 9
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