Paolo Miguel Besabella

Data Science, App Development and Business Development Consulting
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28 years old
Lacey, Washington, United States
2 years

I am a very well rounded individual that is capable of providing an incredible amount of value for businesses and individuals alike. I am in the process of building my reputation as a consultant for data science, app development, and business development so the value I aim to give to my clients far outweighs the actual cost!

I can speak English, French, Cebuano, and Tagalog. I can code in a numerous amount of programming languages while being fully competent with managing the entire software development process! I have full knowledge of all Office 365 applications, Android Studio, Jupyter, XCode and many more! I have the ability to write professionally, as expected by Fortune 500 level companies.

I also have an Ivy League education, pursuing a degree program from the Harvard Division of Continuing education while also taking courses from prestigious institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania.

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