Paz De Torres

Paz De Torres

Translation and editing services in legal, business, economy, technology and essais
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54 years old
Madrid, Madrid, Spain
5 years

I trust my education and professional career to be instrumental and to add value to your organization and needs. My experience in different countries both in multinational business and in renowned non-profit organizations provides me a first-hand knowledge and a keen interest in the language business sector and in particular in specialization areas such as:

·       Specialization areas:

Law, EU Law; international organizations and EU institutions; business and management; purchasing and operations; commercial global contracts; negotiation; compliance, transparency and integrity; multi-country quality processes and customer success; project management; customer support; networking technology; technology and education; e-Health; institutional credibility and continuous improvement.

·       Other areas of interest:

Non-fiction essays and papers on politics, political economics, sociology, ethics; institutions and organizations; professional and personal development; globalization and environment; artificial intelligence and future of work; general knowledge; travel books; biographies and memoirs.

As further specified in my personal webpage, a clear and effective communication has always guided my vocation of service as a means of a richer harmony between cultures. In line with all this, I am genuinely encouraged to become part of your network.


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