Peter Savov

Node.js / React JS / Angular.js / Cryptocurrency Expert
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
41 years old
Sredets, Sofia, Bulgaria
10 years

10+ years experience in web development.

I have full experiences in cryptocurrency based payment system and exchange sites.

I am always passionate about making a secured, light weight, fast, responsive and well tested solution

I can make a completed complex solution for you from sketches

Frontend: React 16, React Router 4, Redux (thunk/sagas), SCSS (responsive) + CSS Modules

Backend: Node.js, Express.js, Postgres(t) / MongoDB / MySQL

Adding feature of Server Side Rendering (react, redux and node.js)

Stripe integration: cards, billing, subscriptions

Auth0 integration: Management API, Authentication API, Authorization extension

Building REST APIs with Node.js and Express.js and documenting them with Swagger

Webpack 3, ESLint, React Hot Loader

JavaScript – Native (ES6/ES7) 10+ years

React 3+ years

React Native 1+ year

HTML5, CSS3 (less/sass) 10+ years

Node.js 5+ years

Postgresql 2+ years

MongoDB 2+ years

Redis 5+ years

MySQL 10+ years

Nginx 10+ years

Qt, Python, Java, C# 7+ years

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