Peter Savov

Node.js / React JS / Angular.js / Cryptocurrency Expert
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
41 years old
Sredets, Sofia, Bulgaria
10 years
Peter Savov Date and place of birth Country Address E-mail Skype 06 February 1980 in Bulgaria Bulgaria Sredets, Sofia-node.master Background As a software engineer, I have developed many software programs and serviced in the market. The products include Social Gambling Websites, Booking Websites, Tourism Introduction sites and Date sites, Mobile Apps and several bio-identification systems and so on. My Business Activities I have been worked as a software developer in Cambodia, Vietnam and Netherlands. My business model is based on the market of software programs in Cambodia as well as in the world. With the increase of people need, I am expanding our business in software programming and serving as private company in Cambodia and Netherlands. The revenues of my business are expected to be nearly US$20,000 per month. I have a vision about the growing demand of software programs and prepare the challenge of the future product. Strategy • • • • Purpose To be a leading man in software programming field by providing qualified services, good relationship and profitability. Vision Nothing is more important than the expectation of our customers Mission statement To build long term relationships with our partner companies and customers and clients and provide good qualified services by continuing business with creative thinking and very advanced technology. Goals Continuous expansion of our region in hardware products and software programming To build good reputation in software field and become a leader in those fields. Scope of Work I conduct software programming and see all opportunities in software field and hardware field. Slogan “Nothing is impossible if there is perseverance, passion and technology with me” -1- PROFESIONAL EXPERIENCE SunWest Co., Ltd. Phnom Penh in Cambodia and Amsterdam in Netherlands April 2008 - February 2012 Software Developer SunWest Co., Ltd. Phnom Penh in Cambodia and Amsterdam in Netherlands June 2012 - April 2016 Development Lead United Raven Phnom Penh in Cambodia and Amsterdam in Netherlands August 2016 - Present Development Manager EDUCATION Tsinghua University Beijing, China ( Graduated April 2005 ) Master of Computer Application SKILL & ABILITIES PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Software Engineering: Node.js, React.js, Angular.js: Ruby on Rails, Vue.js: Wordpress, Laravel: Native Mobile App Development: Hybrid Mobile App, Ionic, React Native: Digital Signal Processing: Network Security Project Management Expert Expert Expert Expert Expert Expert Expert Expert Expert MANAGERIAL SKILLS Leadership of student courses at the University Leadership of student thesis for industrial applications Former captain of the junior football team SK Sokol Hrotovice Languages English: Korean: Chinese: Fluent Fluent Fluent -2-
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