Phebe Costales

I am an online teacher home based
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
30 years old
Bacolod, Region 6, Philippines
1 year

I am an easy going person, flexible to any changes and to any situation,a hard working individual who has over a year experience give the needs of our customers in any professional way, effective and give customer satisfaction.

I am skilled and have knowledge to assist customers over the phone while multi-tasking. I have experience with Straight Talk Wireless Mobility we do reactivating, deactivating, activating phones also we do port in and port out phone numbers. I also worked with Sears Third Party, we do order processing, tracking product support, inventory control, and setting up an appointment. I am eager to learn new things , new tools in order to have the job done well and to meet the customer satisfaction.

I can have a good score , meet deadlines. I cannot promise but I'll work for it, will do my best, because everything can be learned. I am friendly as well. Thank you for reading my letter. I'm looking forward to work with you and provide a wow experience.


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