Preethi Kalimuthu

Motivated cloud-based projects-product manager in next-gen technologies like Blockchain, IoT, AI/ML
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35 years old
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
9 years

Key Deliverables:

Develop products based on zero – cost method

Design table reservation algorithm based on Machine Learning

Design simplified algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence for triangulating beacon position for accurate cycle count and inventory location

Pre-Sales: Sell to client’s pain points, not sell the solution or upsell the client; Provide cost-effective solution that meets client’s requirement

Project Management:

– Handle challenging clients with changing process flows and requirements, while keeping in check project scope, timeline and budget

– Follow blend of standard and agile methodology to reduce project timeline by 30 - 60%

Product Development: Tackle complex requirements by providing simplified and scalable solutions, with incremental development from a base prototype to reduce project/development cost, increase profit margin and simpler coding

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