Richard Turner

I distill complex subject matter into absorbable white papers, reports, and blog content.
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44 years old
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
10 years

I thrive on change and adaptivity in work, because change is indeed the only damn constant. In my 15+ years of experience I’ve developed physical and virtual products, concepts and missions for an extremely diverse spectrum of companies and clients, within many cultural and linguistic contexts. These have ranged from startups to sovereign wealth funds, and covered concerns in manufacturing, architecture, sports, healthcare, SaaS tech, nonprofit, science, food and sustainability.

The common thread has been to figure out how to connect ideas through content and communications, generating bottom line benefit for commerce, people, and planet. The challenge is to take distinct and sometimes complex topics, and distill them into effectively absorbed content that conveys its intention clearly. This means a defined base of common sense and scientific data where possible, topped with a dash of humor and a healthy disrespect for the conventions that too often produce more stale content. Make it lively, easy to remember, and informative.


Content Creation/Writing

Charismatic Communicator/Speaker


Digital Content


Sustainability-Oriented Business Thinking

Creative Asset Management

Brand Development

Fluent French/German/Japanese/Mandarin

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