Robert Pascoe

Direct Response Copywriter - Sales Letter, Landing Page and Advertorial Specialist
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Tampa, Florida, United States
30 years

Robert Sean Pascoe is a Freelance Direct Response Copywriter with over 30 years of Advertising, Marketing and Direct Sales experience.

Rob specializes in writing hard hitting, persuasive sales copy that is designed to do one thing and that is to get ACTION!

What kind of action? That is up to you!

Whether your goal is to sign up new leads for an email marketing campaign...

... or if you want your prospect to opt in for more information...

... or if you want them to make an immediate, positive decision right then and there to BUY your product…

... whatever the result is that you desire Rob will write the copy that delivers exactly what you need!

Rob has written successful advertising campaigns, sales letters, emails, advertorials, web site copy and direct mail promotions for a wide variety of products and services including Health and Wellness, Business to Business, Software, Live Events, Coaching and Consulting services just to scratch the service.

Whatever your product or service and no matter who your target audience is Rob will put in the time and research to figure out exactly will MOVE your prospect to take your desired action.

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