Robinson Batista Madrigal

Web Developer / FullStack
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
25 years old
Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
2 years
Curriculum Vitae PERSONAL DATA Full Name: : Robinson Batista Madrigal Telephone : Cell:​ (​- /- Email: : - Skype ID : robinson_1919 EDUCATION AND TRAINING 2012 – 2013 Technical maintenance of Power plants Technical Control Programmable logic. Ipopsa, Infotep C/Barney Morgan #1 Gualey • 2011 - 2012 Technical residential electricity. Technical industrial electricity. Electrical controls technician. Instituto Tecnológico Industrial (I.T.I.) Infotep C/30 de Marzo. • • 2010 ​– 2012 ​Professional English Canadian América, C/Padre Castellanos esq. Albert Tomas. 2008 -20012 Professional technical degree in electrical. Instituto Politecnico parroquial Santa Ana (​Ipopsa​)​, C/Barney Morgan #1 Gualey. • - ​Basic computer ​Instituto Shalòm, C/ 18 #104 Gualey. • 2017 ​Google search Network Certification Google Partner Personal Experience HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript PHP MySQL Sass WordPress JQuery C++ WordPress HTML5 AJAX JSON DataBases Web Development Web Design Landing Page Front-end Back-end ​ ​Projects​ ​/​ ​Website to get to the projects ​(“​​”) ● Phonebook ​ A phone book which allows registering name, company and phone and these store them in a database and at the same time edit them, this allows to display the saved data without having to reload the page, it also contains a search bar that allows to show the results according to go find similarity in any of the fields (name, company or phone). For the realization of this project I used HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery, JavaScript, Ajax, Mysql. ​Actual project click here -->​ “​Agenda​” ● Travel blog ​ A prototype blog that allows to show the information of place, this project allows to visualize different information that is hidden and shown from the user click, this using JQuery​ to achieve it. For the realization of this project I used ​HTML, CSS, JQuery​. ​Actual project click here --> “​Travel blog​” ● Conference application ​ It is a web application that allows you to view different information of the different events, this information is brought from a ​database​, using ​PHP​, has different sections such as, the main screen, which has a section to view the events and their schedules, these are displayed and hidden using ​JavaScript​. ​Actual project click here --> “​ConferenceApp​” ​ The navigation bar allows locating the user by letting him know where on the site he is by means of an indicator below the section where he is in addition to accompanying the user through the entire site. ​ A section of guests with effects created with ​CSS​, and information brought from a database also, when clicking an effect is perceived created by the ​library lightbox​. ​ Numbers that are animated ​(using jquery.animateNumbers)​ that go in countdown once the user scrolls up to that part, and a ​background parallax effect with ​CSS3. A map Locating my place of residence ​(using leaflet) Lower a counter using ​(jquery.countdown) In footer, the twitter api will be added ... For the realization of this project different libraries were used, such as, ​(Jquery.lettering)​, ​(jquery.colorbox)​, (jquery.countdown)​, ​(jquery.animateNumbers)​, (jquery.waypoints)​ and ​(lightbox) ​ In this project I also used​ ​Html5, Css3, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL. Website to get to the projects ​(“​​”)

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