Robinson Batista Madrigal

Web Developer / FullStack
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
26 years old
Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
3 years
ROBINSON BATISTA MADRIGAL WEB DEVELOPER PERSONAL PROFILE Extremely motivated to constantly develop my skills and grow professionally. I am confident in my ability to add value to what I build CONTACT Santo Domingo D.N. Gualey, Dominican Republic -- LinkedIn: robinson-batistamadrigal-00b313117 robinson_1919 EDUCATION Higher Technical Community Institute 2016 Software Developer SKILLS JavaScript ⦁Vue.js ⦁JQuery ⦁AJAX ⦁PHP ⦁MySQL ⦁PHPmyadmin ⦁Postgres ⦁YogSQL ⦁SQLServer ⦁C# ⦁ASP.Net MVC ⦁Entity Framework ⦁NetCore ⦁WordPress ⦁Bootstrap ⦁WordPress ⦁HTML5 ⦁PostGIS ⦁GeoJson ⦁Leaflet ⦁MapBox ⦁QGIS ⦁JSON ⦁Web Development ⦁Web Design ⦁HTML5⦁ CSS3 ⦁Landing Page ⦁Responsive Web design ⦁Docker WORK EXPERIENCE FullStack Software Developer CONTAXCLOUD | JULY 2019 -- MAY 2020 I was in charge of the creation and planning of an Accountant & Bookkeeping CRM, System built with a NetCore API for the backend and Vue.js for the frontend, Bootstrap and other libraries and plugins such as entity Framework, I used repository pattern architecture, I worked in the frontend and also in the backend as well.. Web Application Developer STEVE SPINDLER LLC | APRIL 2018 -- JULY 2019 I was in charge of developing and maintaining a web map built with Mapbox, implementing a very intuitive UI, Mainly developed with CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Jquery, GeoJson, and others technologies and tools. WebMap.Link: Projects DATING APP This is a dating app project created with a Net Core 3 web API for the backend and Angular 9 for the frontend, this application allows you to create you own profile, with user and password(encrypted), it uses Sql Lite for the data base and Entity Framework migrations, also it has repository pattern architecture for the backend, it provides you with a encrypted token and saves it in the localStorage once you login so it can validate your identity for every other interactions(Still on developement): Angular Net Core 3 Sql Lite Entity Framework Bootstrap 4 Repository Pattern JavaScript JWT HTML5 CSS3 Azure Cloudinary github: MOVIES LISTING SITE This is a movie listing site that allows you to see, add, edit, delete all the movies, actors, director, and the year the movie was released, also you can use a search bar to search for any of the categories, this was built with ASP.Net MVC, Bootstrap 4, Microsoft MySql Server management for the database, Entity Framework, Jquery: ASP.NET MVC Microsoft MySql Server management Entity Framework Bootstrap 4 JavaScript Jquery CSS3 HTML5 github: SCHOOL SYSTEM This is a School System that allows you to track the students information, teachers information, courses given, scores of the studets, you can add, edit, delete, or update, any of the information and search and filter for any of the categories, it also has pagination, this project was built with ASP.Net MVC, Bootstrap 4, Microsoft MySql Server management for the database, Entity Framework, Jquery: ASP.NET MVC Microsoft MySql Server management Entity Framework Bootstrap 4 JavaScript Jquery HTML5 CSS3 github: ASP.NET CRUD This is a Web App that allows you to add, delete and update information, this was build with ASP.NET, Bootstrap, Jquery, for the database I used Microsoft MySql Server management: ASP.NET MVC Microsoft MySql Server management Entity Framework Bootstrap 4 JavaScript Jquery CSS3 HTML github: INSTAGRAM CLONE This is a clone of instagram web using Laravel, Composer, PHP artisan for migrations, it uses MVC architecture, it allows users register and have their on profiles, add a post with picture and a caption to it, and add a comment to the post,it is fully responsive to build this I used: PHP Composer Laravel Bootstrap HTML5 CSS3 TASK MANAGER This is a simulation of task manager for work enviroments build with PHP fully responsive and easy, it allow you to add a project with multiple tasks, it tracks the progress and once you're done I shows you a confirmation, to build this I used: PHP MYSQL SQL Alertify HTML5 CSS3 AGENDA This was a crud operation build using PHP fully responsive, I added some styles so it could be more intuitive, I to build this I used: PHP MYSQL SQL HTML CSS3 Link: github: STOCK TRADER This is a Web App build on VueJS, it is a simulation of a trader where you have an account with certain amount of money and you can buy stocks, then you can click on end day so the stock randomly can increase or decrease that way you can sell and have profits or not, it has a database of the money on the account set on firebase, and it is uploaded to AWS(Amazon Web Service): VueJS FIreBase AWS Bootstrap CSS3 HTML5 link: github: TRANSLATOR This is Web translator build with VueJs and Yandex API to get the information, it allows you to translate any word from any language to the language you pick from the drop down, it was uploaded to AWS: VueJS Yandex API Bootstrap CSS3 HTML5 AWS link: github: MATH QUIZ GAME This is Math Quiz Game, Build With VueJS, it ramdomly creates 1 Mathematic question and 4 answers but only one of them is correct, it will let you continue to a new one only of you get the correct answer and it makes an animation between questions, it was uploaded to AWS : VueJS JavaScript Bootstrap CSS3 HTML5 AWS Link: github: WEATHER APP This is Weather application that it gets you location and provides you with the information about the temperature on Fahrenheit or if you over the temperature numer it swiches to Celsius, also the animation can change depending on the temperature and the description about the weather on your area all that using Dark Sky API to get the weather information: VueJS Dark Sky API JavaScript Bootstrap CSS3 HTML5 Link: github:
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