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31 years old
Mohali, Punjab, India
7 years
Rohit Daid #1776, Phase 5, Mohali, Punjab Contact: -, - E-mail:-Skype id: rdaid_15 OBJECTIVE: To work in a challenging and growth oriented professional Industry/Organization to enhance my skills and strengths in conjunction with the organization's goals and objectives, to work in an atmosphere, which helps me grow socially, mentally and professionally and to have a positive influence that stays forever in the minds of the people around me. EDIFYING SYNOPSIS  1. Post-Graduation (M.Tech)– Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) Year of Completion – 2014 Percentage – 73.2% 2. Graduation (B. Tech) – Lovely Professional University (LPU) Year of Completion – 2012 Percentage – 65.25% CGPA– 7.25% 3. Senior Secondary Education – C.B.S.E Year of Completion – 2008 Percentage – 63.4% 4. Matriculation – P.S.E.B Year of Completion – 2006 Percentage – 70.4% INDRUSTRIAL PROJECT Title: Design of a precision measurement device for visually impaired or blind Description: The objective was to design a portable embedded system device which is speech enabled for visually impaired or blind. For measurement blind people has to rely on tactile or auditory senses as eyes cannot be utilized. The project is based on assistive technology in which digital instrument measurements is converted into speech so that blind people can use it in convenient way. The realized systems have been designed as portable, compact and with sufficient battery backup for ease of use so that the blind person can carry it around where ever needed. Work place: CSIO (Central Scientific Instrument Organization), Chandigarh. PROJECTS 1. Title: An Artificial Intelligence based Audio Chat Bot System Description: This is one of the emerging requirements in the real world scenario. In this the chat bot system is used which is based on machine learning approach which takes interview of the candidate and its highly trained system with huge dataset of questions to be asked to the candidate. It’s a server side implementation which tracks all the records of each question, each answer and each id of the candidate which will be easy for the backend officers to analyse the performance of the candidate and on the basis of the candidate answer what will be next question asked by the machine to the candidate. 2. Title: Performance analysis of Hierarchical Protocol in Wireless Sensor networks Description: The research work is based on wireless sensor network. The protocol used in this work is LEACH (Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) in which efficient routing is obtained using Genetic algorithm and an optimized path is obtained as a result of which we got high throughput, and less energy consumption of the nodes and compute the lifetime of the network and results are analysed using simulations and then comparison is made between existing LEACH and Improved LEACH and the optimization is also discussed using neural network SOM plots. In this research project the performance of the protocol is enhanced. 3. Title: Performance analysis of AODV protocol under black hole attack in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Description: The research work is based on Mobile Ad-hoc Network. The protocol used in this work is AODV and DSR protocol in which security constrained is overcome using optimization algorithms i.e. Particle Swarm optimization (PSO), Bacterial Foraging optimization (BFO) and an optimized routing is obtained as a result of which we got less network load, high throughput and more secure packet deliveries with less energy consumption of the nodes and compute the lifetime of the network. 4. Title: Fusion of iris and ear for secure biometric authentication using Principal Component Analysis and Neural Networks Description: The research work is based on image processing. Security is one of the main issues these days for biometric system. So the system is designed using feature level extraction of iris and ear for secure biometric authentication using extraction algorithms i.e. principal component analysis and independent component analysis and testing is done using neural network and the whole system is evaluated on the basis of performance parameters like False acceptance rate, False rejection rate, Accuracy. 5. Title: Feature Level extraction based Lung cancer detection Description: The research work is based on Lung cancer detection in which features are extracted using feature extraction algorithm like Independent Component Analysis, Principal Component Analysis and trained using Neural Network (nntrain toolbox) and then testing will be done based upon training and the results are evaluated in terms of False Acceptance rate, False Rejection rate and Accuracy. The whole simulation took place in MATLAB environment. 6. Title: Facial Emotion Recognition System Description: The research work is based authentication of facial emotions in which features are extracted for the emotions like Happy, Sad, Angry, Surprise, Neutral which is totally based on training and testing and based on training the evaluation took place in terms of recognition rates, mean square error rates, peak signal to noise ratio. TECHNICAL SKILLS C,C++ Python MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) Graphical User interface (GUI) Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Image Processing, Mobile Ad-hoc networks, vehicular Ad-hoc networks, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logics Data Mining, Text Mining MYSQL, Postgres (Database) BLOGS 1. 2. 3. EXPERIENCE Previous Designation: Sr. Software Developer Company: Techlive Solutions Website link: Previous Designation: Software Developer Company: Smart-Tech technologies Associated as Guest Faculty to conduct labs on 8051 Micro-controller Embedded Systems at C-DAC, Mohali. Delivered expert seminar on 5 Generation Technology (5G) at Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT), Surat, Gujarat. Delivered expert seminar on Practical Applications on Artificial Intelligence and MATLAB at SRM Bareilly TOTAL EXPERIENCE: 7 Years PUBLICATION: International Journal of Advances in Science and Technology (IJAST) Volume 2, Issue 4 (December 2014). International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science, Volume 8, Issue 4, (May 2017) JOB PROFILE Software Development: 1. Gathering requirements, designing architecture, writing an efficient code for a project. 2. Performing tests using various testing strategies to ensure that the project is bug free and efficient in terms of resource usage and response. 3. Arranging sessions of basic coding so that client will able to understand the code efficiently. TRAINING ATTENDED Six weeks training certificate in microcontroller architecture, programming and interfacing at Imbuent technologies, Ludhiana. Six month training certificate in embedded system at CSIO (Central Scientific Instrument Organisation), Chandigarh. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Stood first in 100 m ,200 m race in ISSM (Inter Student Sports Meet) at C-DAC, Mohali Winner of cricket tournament in ISSM at C-DAC, Mohali. Stood first in 200 m at high school level Stood second in Long jump and three legged race at sports meet held at high school level. KEY SKILLS Ability to handle high pressure environments Willing to learn new things Strong will power HOBBIES Thinking extensively on any constructive topic Listening Music PERSONAL INFORMATION Date of Birth: November 15, 1989 Gender:Male Father’s Name: Sh. Subhash Chander Daid Mother’s Name:Smt. Madhu Daid DECLARATION I, Rohit Daid do hereby confirm that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge. Rohit Daid
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