Ryan F Venter

Python, SQL, Regular Expression, NumPy
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
41 years old
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
13 years

I'm an enthusiastic, intelligent, productive and proficient Financial Advisor and Software Developer specializing in Python programming, with additional background in portfolio design, international investment, FinTech, Linux system administration. I have a good balance between financial knowledge as well as computer science knowledge. In the past five years, I have written a number of Python tools exclusively, for leading companies. I have completed my BSc from the University of Cape Town. I now focusing my attention on the Financial Technology space.

My life motto is to add value in whatever I do. My problem solving skills are always out-of-the-box, constantly reaching new highs.

I enjoy the art of writing clean unit tested code designed to be flexibility. I am skilled and familiar with most Python frameworks out there and certainly the ones part of the standard API.

Key technologies include but not limited to:
Computer Science:
Python, Django, Scrapy, Numpy, Cython, SQLAlchemy, Jinja2, BTrees, cv2, IPython, scikit_image, tkinter, wxpython, ZODB, HTML5, CSS3, Mysql, Sqlite, MongoDB, GIT
International portfolio design
Investment advice with regards to investment, pension, insurance, and attaining financial freedom
Investment in FinTech in USA, China, Europe and Japan
Cryptocurrency speculative investment focusing on Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Ethereum blockchain programming with serpent and solidity

Allow me to show you how I can help you and in return get to learn even more. Thank you

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