Ryan F Venter

Python, SQL, Regular Expression, NumPy
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
40 years old
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
13 years
Ryan Francois Venter Python Developer | Clojure Student- www.rfv.io background Thank you for taking the time in reviewing my potential to add value to your project and company. I come from a professional background in finance and information technology and am now focused exclusively on programming and financial technology. I have been constantly employed for over 13 years and I have written numerous python tools for leading international companies. Every project that I work on, I am able to learn whatever technology stack is required to perform the job, fast and well, and I am looking forward to learning even more. I enjoy working on projects with a team that cares about creating quality, maintainable code. But, if a team is not as good as they should be, I do the brave thing and make practical recommendations. That's why clients love me, because I do whatever is necessary for a project to succeed. I have both the frame and the picture, practical (technical) and theory (insight). I have a substantial knowledge in computation theory, computation complexity and the history and evolution of computers as we know it, and I have key insight into where the computing industry is heading into the future. your success is my success Technologies I am completely proficient in the listed technologies. python 3.5/2.7|cython|cv2|pil openpyxl|wxpython|tkinter numpy|scipy|pandas|matplotlib ipython sql|sqlalchemy|mysql|postgresql sqlite|json|json-rpc|xml|excel|csv regular expression|pdftotext git|github|heroko|amazon fintech|bitcoin|ethereum|solidity linux|windows|macos success requires insight Objective Contribute to a project or company over the long term. I am building a long term profile online by providing quality work to all clients and employers who make use of my services. It's important for me to build long term relationships with clients so I'm primarily looking at long term projects. Should you select my application there are some things that you may always expect from me:  Prompt, clear and honest communication.  Delivery of your product and requirements as per your specifications on time.  Long term ongoing commitment towards your code and project. Click on rfv.io for more information. Please enable me to continue learning new technologies, have fun and to contribute to the greater good! success

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