Sadok Cervantes

Product Designer with Front-End coding skills. UX Mentor at several design schools.
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31 years old
Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico
5 years

The only way to achieve a great design is to make sure the user goals and the business goals are met. My job is to ensure that neither impacts negatively the other.

I’ve been contracting Product Design, UX, UI, and Front-end for the last 5 years. I can take care of the entire Product Design cycle, from idea to implementation.

I’m collaborating with the MIT Media Lab to re-design PubPub, a publishing platform they are creating. I’m currently the design lead.

I recently collaborated with Doctors Without Borders as the Lead Designer for one of their most important technology projects (

I’m also UX Mentor at some of the most renowned online design schools like DesignLab, CareerFoundry, and Springboard.

I'm Head of Design at Leangap, the first High School Startup Accelerator in the world - 1,000+ applicants from over 20 countries every year.

I can manage projects as much or as little as needed, I've worked as a one-man-show many times, , and most of the projects I've been working on, like with Doctors Without Borders and the MIT Media Lab, have been remote, so I can lead projects from ideation to implementation, managing my time accordingly. Recently I’ve been working on an agile team on-site, leading design, and I also enjoy the setting.

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