Saif Taifur Anwar

Linux, apache, wordpress
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31 years old
Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
2 years


My name is Saif Taifur Anwar

Availability: Full time / Part time

I am WordPress developer with server backend experience. I worked on, which has mygpsite project ( for Canadian health clinics. It is a multisite WordPress with registration system for health care clinics. All the registration system and website generation is automatic (takes a little help from bash scripts running in Linux hosts).

I manage server backend (LAMP structure) and have also worked on the email server (Postfix and Dovecot). I have php and MySQL experience. I also maintain the server, and do theme customization as it comes from the Trello card. Currently, it's a continuous integration with another developer in bitbucket. 

I also do WordPress plugins, a lot. Please check out my latest plugin :

Bitbucket URL:

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