Sam Persis

IT Service Manager + IT Incident Manager + IT Problem Manager + IT Project Manager + Linux admin
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
Linköping, Östergötlands, Sweden
26 years
Sam Persis | CV Updated- SUMMARY A seasoned and business-focused IT professional with solid experience of IT service management, IT project management (commissioning and migrations) and management/administration of business-critical IT solutions. In addition, valuable complementary expertise in IT security, ITIL, requirement management and tests. I have worked in IT/ICT for many years in various tactical and technical roles, which has given me a broad business insight. As a person, I am a skilled problem solver and enjoy working with intellectually challenging tasks to find effective solutions. I have had customer-facing and technical rolls in fast-moving and demanding businesses. I do thrive with great responsibility and work well with challenges, development and change. COMPETENCIES IT Service Management ITIL version; 2011 and V4 Foundation level: Operational processes such as Incident and Problem Management etc. Change Management Configuration and Asset Management. ITIL Lite – implementation of IT Service Management (ITSM) according to ITIL Lite guideline. Project Management Agile/Kanban, Agile/Scrum, Traditional (waterfall) and hybrid. Requirement – Requirements formulation and Management, translation of business requirements to technical requirements. Operating Systems Have worked mainly with UNIX (Solaris)/Linux (CentOS). Have installed and commissioned Windows Servers (2003, 2008 R2 and 2012). Have used different flavours of Windows, Linux and MacOS client Operating Systems. IT Security Have worked in: CISSP Domain 4 – Network Security: Huawei Firewall. Linux firewall. Network Traffic Monitoring, IPsec and SSL VPN. CISSP Domain 5 – Identification and Access Management (IAM): Telecom Security Service (TSS) CISSP Domain 7 – Security operation: Security incidents. Database Have worked with Sybase, Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL express. Has worked privately with PostgreSQL. Network OSI. TCP/IP Protocol stack. Office network design and implementation. Have worked with Cisco, Huawei, RedBack and DiGi International networking equipment. Linux network and firewall. Cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS) Programming Language C: Good knowledge. Can develop advanced tools. C ++: Beginners. Can develop simple tools. Java: Beginners. Can develop simple tools. Python 3: Advanced. Can develop automation scripts. Web programming (HTML, CCS3, Java script and JQuery): Beginners. Can develop simple webpages. PowerShell: Beginners. Can develop simple PowerShell scripts. Bash: Advanced. Can develop automation scripts. ANSI SQL: Good knowledge. Can develop simple scripts. Test Basic, function, integration, system, performance, acceptance and maintenance test. Data Centre Design and implementation of small data centres. Data centre relocation/migration project. Tools and Environment Work environment - Has worked in multicultural and international environments. I have worked with business-critical servers based on High-Availability (HA) and Load Balanced (LB) UNIX/Linux, installation and commissioning of Windows servers, relational databases and IPv4 networks. Various tools for management and administration of mobile networks. Ticketing System: Ericsson Service Management System (SMS), Huawei Web Based Case Management System, Remedy, Jira and Microsoft System Manager. Configuration and Asset Management: Huawei Configuration and Asset Management System. Ericsson Service Management System (SMS). Network tools: IPSec and SSL VPN, SSH, NetFlow Analyzer, SCOM, Wireshark. RDBMS tools: Oracle SQL Developer, PL/SQL, T-SQL, MySQL Workbench, Postgres pgAdmin. Programming tools: brackets, notepad ++ and vim. Leadership Leadership: Virtual and collocated cross-functional team leadership (up to 45 engineers). Customer relationship: Daily interaction with customers through my work with customer support and managed services. IT Service Management: Managed delivery of agreed IT services according to SLA and OLA. Incident Management, Problem Management, Configuration and Asset Management and Change Management. Project management: Project Lifecycle Management, Requirement management, Stakeholder Management, Vendor Management, Risk and Opportunity Management, Team leadership etc. Tactical Resource Planning: Estimation of resource needed for customer support deliveries within my competence domain according to business needs. Competence Planning: Planned and implemented competence preparedness according to business needs, roadmaps and existing live technology in the customers’ network. WORK EXPERIENCE Forefront Consulting Group AB Linköping, Sweden 2019–01 – 2020–07 Technical Project Manager, Migration project at Samhall (2019–10 - 2020–04) Technical Project manager for migration of 3 business-critical applications: 1.Medakt (HR System), 2. Pythagoras (Order portal for the Swedish Armed Forces), 3. The planning app (Samhall's scheduling tool).The project aimed to migrate the applications from Proact data centre in Örebro to City Network's cloud services in Karlskrona/Stockholm in order to fulfil the business requirements on the availability, the stability and the operational security of the applications. I managed the project according to a hybrid project lifecycle management. My responsibility included: Project scoping, requirement gathering and formulation, presenting requirements to internal and external supplies, controlling and work progress monitoring, risk management, stakeholder management, communication, reporting, regular internal, external and mix meetings, etc. The assignment also included an investigation of alternative technical cloud solutions. Technical Skills: IT Security, Windows and Linux knowledge, networking, cloud, Python, JQL. Leadership: ITIL 2011, Hybrid Project Lifecycle Management (Agile/Kanban, Agile/Scrum and Traditional), Team Management, Project Coordination, Supplier management, Project Progress Reporting, Steering Group Meeting. Tools: Teams, Microsoft Office 365, Zoom, Jira.   System Manager at the Swedish Maritime Administration -) Worked as system manager in ViVa project in Swedish Maritime Administration. The job consisted of supporting ViVa system management with daily operation of ViVa network (Incidents, software upgrades etc.), consolidation of asset data, requirements-based investigations of DiGi Router configuration, remote access to VEGAPLUS Radar sensors, IT security to find possible areas for improvement. Has also contributed to ViVa System Administration and other technical documentation. Technical abilities: IT Security (ISO27001), Windows scripts, networking, technical investigation, DiGi Router OS. Leadership: Asset Management, Coordination. Tools: Trello, SSH, Microsoft Office, Skype Business, FTP. Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) Mjölby, Sweden 2018–01 – 2018–07 IT Service Manager (Infrastructure) I was responsible for infrastructure service deliveries (Windows / Linux / Unix Servers and Networking) from TMHE's partners (GTT, Telia and CGI) towards Business Solution Management (BSM), Manufacturing and Sales Units in 29 Toyota companies in Europe and the USA. This job also included project support and project coordination according to business requirements: Skype telephony project as part of Office 365 roll-out, establishment of the new TMH Logistics office in Gothenburg and installation of new access points in all offices in Europe. Also had the role of Change Management (CAB and eCAB), Asset Management and consolidation of the IT environment through the life cycle management process. In addition, the IT Security Manager was assisted in IT Security regarding operational issues: Security Incidents, network vulnerability investigation and analysis of reports from Trend Micro’s Virtual Patch. Technical abilities: Networking, PowerShell scripts, Windows and Linux knowledge, technical investigation, IT security, malware, vulnerability, incidents, certificates. Leadership: Lifecycle Management, ITIL 2011, project support and coordination, supplier management, SPOC, Change Management, Asset Management. Tools: SSH, Microsoft Office 365, Skype Business, NetFlow, Microsoft System Manager. Huawei Stockholm, Sweden 2014–01 – 2017–03 Managed Services IT Coordinator Was responsible for Huawei's Managed Services project network, Workforce Management (Order Management System), workstations (Huawei and Telenor) and was technical support and SPOC for Huawei's Managed services team (100-150 staff) and subcontractors. I was also responsible for IT security: User Management, use of Huawei and Telenor assets, malware, firewall, VPN, traffic monitoring etc. I was project manager for the migration of Baremetal Workforce Management to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The job consisted of leading a DevOps team in an Agile / Kanban project in an international environment. The project's requirements came from Telenor, Managed Services Team and Subcontractor. Migration of Workforce Management to AWS meant new integrations with Telenor Remedy and the subcontractors' ticket management systems. In addition, I was responsible for design and implementation office network projects of Huawei Karlskoga and design of Karlskrona office network (only design), Huawei HQ relocation project (requirements, delivery control, coordination and installation of network equipment in the data centre), Technical support for Field Management subcontractor swap projects etc. Technical abilities: Linux Bash Scripts, Networking, Office Network Design and Implementation, Firewall, VPN, IPSec, SSL, Encryption, Certificates, Windows Server Knowledge, Linux System Administration, Technical Investigation, Web Development (HTML, CSS, Java Script, JQuery), Test, IT Security, traffic monitoring, traffic rules, data centre, integration. Leadership: Asset and Configuration Management, ITIL 2011, SPOC, coordination, project management, requirement management. Tool: SSH, Microsoft Office, Huawei's own developed collaboration tool (eSpace) and ticketing system. Exuberant London, UK 2013–01 – 2013–06 IT Service Management Consultant Self-employed IT consultant within professional services in London, UK. Technical abilities: Infrastructure knowledge (networking and servers). Leadership: ITIL 2011, IT Service Management, IT Project Management, Negotiation. Tools: Microsoft Office, Skype. NWIran Linköping, Sweden 2010-06 – 2012-12 IT Solutions Manager Verification of design of IT solutions and professional services offered to customers in Iran, such as adaptation of ITIL according to customer needs according to ITIL Lite guidelines. Technical abilities: Infrastructure knowledge (networking and servers), requirements analysis, design documentation verification. Leadership: ITIL 2011, IT Service Management, IT Project Management. Tool: Microsoft Office, Skype. Ericsson Göteborg, Sweden 2010-02 – 2010-06 O&M System Manager Formulation of the technical requirements of the Converged Packet Gateway (CPG) node in 4G mobile network by analysis of Customer/CPG product management requirements in accordance with IETF RFC and 3GPP2 specifications in an agile / scrum project. Technical abilities: Infrastructure knowledge (networking and servers), requirements analysis, Technical documentation, Redback routers. Tools: Microsoft Office, Lync. Ericsson The Middle East Dubai, UAE 2003–03 – 2009–06 Network Support Group Manager As a technical and operational IT Service Manager and my team of 45 engineers, I was responsible for customer support deliveries to Ericsson's 40 customers and Ericsson's Managed Services in the Middle East and North Africa according to service agreements (SLA): Request, Event, Incidents (network disturbances + IT security), problems and major incidents, software updates / upgrades etc. I was the project manager responsible for rolling out the security solution Remote Support Gateway (site to site VPN) according to requirements from Ericsson Services Organization in Stockholm. The purpose of the project was to deliver Ericsson expertise to customers at a lower cost via secure remote access through the integration of Ericsson Corporate Network (ECN) with the customer's Network Operation Center (NOC). I have participated in 4 organization change projects: Customer support organization certification projects according to Ericsson services Blueprint based on ITIL V2, Implementation of matrix organization, the capability maturity model project and competence-based service organization. The job also included configuration management, tactical resource planning and competence readiness according to business needs, OSS SME in 3G readiness programs and technical interviews with candidates. OSS Project Engineer Ericsson – Services Organization, Tokyo, Japan, Nov 2006 – Dec 2006, Short-term contract Operations and Support System (OSS) integration and commissioning project in Softbank Mobile: Installation, Integration, Test (component, Integration and acceptance), and commissioning of OSS Solution. Technical abilities: UNIX scripts, networking, Windows knowledge and UNIX system administration, Problem solving, troubleshooting, SQL, Sybase system administration, Oracle system administration, integration, X25, MTP, TCP / IP, Cisco Routers, Telecom applications, application administration, High-Availability, Load balancing, IAM. Leadership: Team leadership, Requirements management, project cost estimation, project management, competence development, configuration Management, customer support, managed services support, Front Office, Back Office, coordination, vendor management, cost estimation, ITIL V2, configuration management, interview, presentation, competence development, organizational change project. Tool: Various UNIX tools for network communication (SSH, rlogin, tcpdump etc.), Ericsson Ticketing tool SMS, collaboration tools, email and Microsoft Office. Ericsson The Middle East Dubai, UAE 2000–10 – 2003–02 Senior Customer Support Engineer I and my team of 10 engineers were responsible for customer support deliveries to Ericsson customers in the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) area for Ericsson's IT Solutions: Software Updates, Upgrades, Incidents, Problems, Event Handling, Request Handling etc. In addition, I was responsible for OSS projects to Ericsson's customer in the United Arab Emirates. The projects included planning, ordering, coordination between different parties (Ericsson, customer and other vendors), integrations, acceptance / integration / maintenance test etc. I supported customers in security issues such as configuration of Telecom security Service (IAM), UNIX hardening (ACL Restricted Shell, etc.), and communication to servers in DMZ. Tasks in addition were support for projects in GCC, technical support by Key Account Manager (KAM) and projects, competence readiness and configuration management of all Ericsson's IT solutions in the Customers' network. Technical abilities: UNIX scripts, networking, Windows server knowledge, UNIX system administration, Troubleshooting, SQL, Sybase system administration, Oracle system administration, integration, X25, MTP, TCP / IP, Cisco Routers, Telecom applications, application administration, High-Availability, Load balancing, IAM. Management skills: Team leadership, project cost estimation, project management, competence development, configuration Management, Customer Support, coordination, vendor management. Tools: various UNIX tools for network communication (SSH, rlogin, tcpdump etc.), administration, collaboration tools, email and Microsoft Office. Ericsson Radio Systems Linköping, Sweden 1996–01 – 2000–10 System Test Engineer Worked at Ericsson OSS System Tester. OSS is Ericsson's implementation of the Telecom Management System for operations of a mobile network. The job involved preparation and installation of test environment (STP), review of design documents, development of test instructions in safety and Operations and Maintenance (O&M), test execution and reporting of test results. Error reporting on system errors, performance tests, development of test tools in C / C ++ / Java and scripts in Perl, Bourn and Korn shell as well as mentoring of new employees were also part of my job. I acted as Global Support for the Year 2000 towards Ericsson customers. OSS Support Engineer Ericsson Canada, Montreal, Canada 2000–04 - 2000–06 (temporary contract) Customer support in North and South America. Knowledge transfer to the local team. Technical abilities: System Test, Performance Test, Network, Unix Administration, Programming (C / C ++ / Java), Scripts (Bourn and Korn Shell), Telecom Security Service (IAM), Telecom O&M, Sybase SQL Server System Administration, Regular Expressions, ANSI SQL, T-SQL, problem solving, troubleshooting. Leadership: Mentorship, Customer Support. Tools: SSH, Collaborative Tools IRS, UNIX shell, vi, Microsoft Office, gcc, java, Ericsson TRtool. Ericsson Radio Systems Linköping, Sweden 1994–09 – 1995–12 Programmer Implementation of tools according to requirements from the development team at AXE Design in C / C++ as well as basic and function tests of developed tools. Test of 3PP tools before integration into the AXE Design development environment. Technical abilities: Base and function test, networking, Unix knowledge, programming (C / C++), UNIX Shell script, problem solving, troubleshooting, gcc. Tools: SSH, Collaborative Tools IRS, UNIX shell, vi, email, Microsoft Office. Education & Courses Education 1987 – 1993 B.Sc. + Unfinished M.Sc., Computer Science & Physics The University of Roskilde, Roskilde, Denmark. 2010 – 2011 Postgraduate Certificate, Project Management Liverpool, The University of Liverpool, Online, UK. Courses 2020 Docker Mastery: with Kubernetes + Swarm from a Docker Captain, Bret Fisher, Udemy 2019 ITIL V4 Foundation, Dion Training Solutions Red Hat RHCSA, Sander van Vugt. O’Reilly. PostgreSQL DBA Tutorial (11,5 hours), Free course on YouTube ( Python Tutorial for Beginners [Full Course] 2019, + Active Directory on Windows Server 2016, Udemy 2018 Getting Started with Cloud Computing - Level 1, Udemy 2017 GDPR, IT-Säkerhetsbolaget AB Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator Preparation, Linux Academy ITIL 2011 Foundation, Instructor PERSONAL INFORMATION Personality character ENTJ according to Myer-Briggs Type Indicator: Logical, analytical and objectively critical Determined, clear and determined Tend to conceptualize and theorize; skilled at transforming opportunities into plans Good at correcting illogical or ineffective approaches Values intelligence and competence; dislikes inefficiency Action-oriented and strategic; good at coordinating resources to achieve goals Generally considered direct, challenging, decisive, objective and stimulating. Martial Status Married. Interests Books, technology, science, long walks in nature Driving Licens Swedish B Citizenship Swedish and Danish Language Danish (B2), English (C1), Norwegian (A2), Persian (Mother tongue), Swedish (C1), German (A1) DOB-
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