Sarah Fernandes

Project, Knowledge and Communications Leader with worldwide experience.
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Mississauga, ON, Canada
15 years

My background includes a range of communication, knowledge and project management experience from a variety of positions held within well-respected organizations; along with an Honors Bachelor of Arts and Science and a Masters in Professional Communication, specialization in International and Intercultural Communication as a foundation.

Highlights include:

  • Significant knowledge and project management, coordination, and communication experience, including design, development and dissemination
  • Ability to independently plan, prioritize and manage projects, and work efficiently under deadlines
  • Involved from the initial strategy, conception, implementation and through to the monitoring and evaluation phase of projects, including budgeting and reporting
  • Creative design, problem-solving and analytical, combined with structured academic and business skills
  • Comfortable with technology and have an interest in learning about innovative uses for it within a range of environments
  • Keen instincts to quickly effect change and improvement
  • Experience teaching and coordinating training courses/workshops
  • Excellent research, analysis and resourcing skills with extensive experience in data collection, synthesis, and documentation
  • Monitoring and evaluation experience to ensure the effectiveness of projects and investigate future improvements
  • Strong leadership skills, a team player attitude and spirit, and the natural ability to establish consensus
  • Management of employees, including coaching and capacity building
  • Effective communication skills and ability to build relationships within and outside an organization including coordinating between private, governmental, non-governmental stakeholders and media
  • Worked, volunteered and/or traveled to numerous countries in Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Pacific, Europe, South America, Central America, Middle East and the Caribbean, therefore have a solid understanding of the challenges of living in unfamiliar environments and appreciate working with diverse communities and cultures

I am an achiever who is skilled at visualizing, designing and executing a plan and doing what it takes to deliver. I am driven and undaunted by obstacles. I value creative thinking, initiative, commitment, performance, and most importantly experience.

I am confident that my abilities will enable me to contribute significantly toward your objectives. As such, I would welcome an opportunity to speak with you and share my ideas. 

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration,


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