Sean Andryauskas

Advertising and Audio Production
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28 years old
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
4 years

I am a devoted and fun-loving advertising professional who enjoys diving deep into the heart of campaigns to help identify the potential opportunities and possibilities available to help you achieve your overall advertising goals! With a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations from Marquette University, I received quality educational experience from top professors and industry professionals coupled with 4 years of work and interning within an ad agency at TMP Worldwide Advertising and Communications. From copywriting to media planning, direct mail to social media, I can research and identify your campaign's needs and create data leading to the creation of advertising focal points that helps lead you to easy decision-making during the process.

A musician since age 12, I have played and performed in many different ensembles and orchestras throughout my musical career, leading to a wide array of musical playing and performing knowledge. I have both composed my own work and arranged popular pieces for performance by jazz band and orchestra. Regarding production, I've produced many different music projects spanning multiple genres, and would be able to make something that fits whatever you need. Film scores, backing tracks, hip hop beats, cartoon sfx- you name it, and I can put my own personal touches on it!

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