Shaina Maciejewski

Virtual Assistant specializing in the field of digital marketing
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
27 years old
Peterborough, New Hampshire, United States
1 year

I've always had a passion for meaningful communication. From discussing potential study abroad adventures with students while working as a Program Assistant with a study abroad office to chatting with my grandma about the characters found in her newest novel, I love connecting with people and learning their motivations on a deep level.

This passion for communicating lead to marketing coming easily to me. My desire to understand the motives for people's actions meant that I had no issue spending hours learning about consumer behavior, which times of day they're online, and what type of language to be used for each customer. 

Armed with a newly discovered interest in digital marketing, I sought to take as many classes as I could to learn more about the subject. A few HubSpot Academy and Google Analytics certifications later, and Solemar Creative was born. 

My company was created as a result of my wanting to help my fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners with their marketing. I found that (no judgment!) most staff would rather spend time on their specific services and products, rather than figuring out where exactly the CTA should be placed on their landing page. And I get it. Learning about the new Instagram algorithm isn't exactly everyone's cup of tea. 

I've worked with everyone from heating contractors to chocolatiers, and everyone in between. I've loved the challenge of learning the ins and outs of each specific business, their needs, and how their customers interact with them. When you choose to work with Solemar Creative, your goals become my goals. I'll be by your side throughout all your successes and challenges, and you couldn't choose someone better.

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