Sharon Weinreich

Executive Assistant, Finance, Information and Records Management, formatting documents.
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50 years old
None, None, Viet Nam
25 years

I am an administrative professional with over 25 years’ work experience in the private and public sector in multiple countries (Australia and Canada). I understand the importance of communication and deadlines and excel at both. I have extensive team experience and thrive under pressure with no task to menial for me. I am detailed oriented, and my only task is to get the job done and done well. I also work well with minimal direction to achieve the objective.

I have extensive knowledge and experience in many facets of business, as well as life experiences. Below are but a few of my career experiences;

·          managed and developed budgets and finances;

·          contract development and coordination;

·          information and records management;

·          formatting small and large documents in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Adobe;

·          database management;

·          project management;

·          managing meetings;

·          executive assistant;

·          email handling and tracking;

·          appointment setting;

·          coordinating and booking travel and hospitality;

·          preparing briefing notes and reports;

·          preparing and reviewing real estate transactions; and

·          excellent consultation and negotiation experience.

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