Sharshay Thomas

Technical Troubleshooting, Customer Service, Comptia Certified
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
30 years old
Morrow, GA - Georgia, United States
4 years

I have always considered myself a technician, having disassembled, repaired, rebuilt, and installed operating systems on computers since my teenage years. Entering the job field and acquiring technical customer service positions strengthened my skills in troubleshooting and problem solving over the past 5 years, but knowing that this field requires specialized skills and training, I enrolled in both a bachelors degree program in Information Technology as well as an accelerated A+ certification course at Per Scholas. I believe that my experience and passion, coupled with my degree and certification will allow me to provide efficiency and high productivity in the workplace, thus deeming me a valuable asset to any employer that provides me the opportunity. Thank you!


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