Shawn Baugh II

I am a Python/Django and JavaScript devloper
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
28 years old
Addison, TX, United States
2 years
Shawn Baugh II Contact Info Web Developer Experience Languages 2017-PRESENT CODING DOJO Resident Crafting applications for various projects. Gaining deeper knowledge in completed stacks as well as other languages. MEMNON DESIGN AND 2016-PRESENT MARKETING Web Developer Responsible and overseeing design, coding, modification, layout, function according to a client's specifications for websites. Project management to see the completion of websites, applications, and software packages. Education- - CODING DOJO Certificate of Completion Python - Black Belt MEAN - Black Belt Ruby - Red Belt ASHWORTH COLLEGE Associate of Science in Computer Information JavaScript Python HTML5/CSS3 Ruby Frameworks MEAN Django Rails Materialize Bootstrap Skills Git MySQL SQLite AWS jQuery Mongoose PostgreSQL
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