Shekhar Mahapatra

Qualified Lawyer, Contract Law, 9 years
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
34 years old
Howrah, West Bengal, India
9 years

Hello, Gentle-man and Gentle-ladies!

Am a qualified Indian Lawyer. Had experience of more than 8 years in helping clients from start up to mid size companies. My area of work is legal drafting and advisory. Till date I prepared documents relating to employment, e-commerce, partnership, social network, browser or software user terms, etc
Till date I had worked mostly with Indian, US and UK based clients, and apart from that I did work with Australia ,Japan, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Canada based clients.

The fees are reasonable but I do not work on free trial ! NO free document no free advice no cheating! You need to trust me else how can I trust you! If you require verification then you must share your personal verifiable information like contact number, Citizenship details, ( in case of US, Social security number)! Last 8 years is quite exiting both in terms of new client and new learning and spotting dupes!
Contact me as per Indian Time Zone 8am till 1am!

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