Sophia Le

Email campaigns, landing pages, and video marketing for high-growth SaaS companies
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33 years old
Seattle, Washington, United States
5 years

It's kind of a secret but...

I can read minds.

And if you're the business owner I think you are; I know you are interested in one goal only: Building a profitable business.

And you can only futz with the offering before you have to let it go...and allow the world to make judgments on whether it's worth paying money for.

That's where my 5 years of award-winning marketing experience comes in.

I specialize in:

-Landing pages that coax visitors into giving up the goods, i.e. their email address.

-Email drip campaigns to nurture passive users into loyal customers. My specialty is those "annoying emails" you get when you sign up for a free trial. Minus the annoying.

-Video content that doesn't put viewers to sleep - with knowledge on lighting, vocal mechanics, scripting, as well as light editing via Camtasia.

Here's what a previous client said about my work:

"As a marketer, Sophia is truly dedicated to writing the perfect attention-grabbing copy for her client. She loves to learn and is quick to adapt her skills to accomplish the task at hand."

If you're tired of wishing for runaway success and are ready to commit to growing your business...

Check out my portfolio and send me a message. I'd love to help you out with your next project.

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