Stepan Antipin

Escape Room Game Designer, Game Writer, Scriptwriter
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29 years old
Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
6 years
STEPAN ANTIPIN Scriptwriter, Narrative designer (live-action games, video games, film) WhatsApp&Viber: +7 - E-mail:-Skype: nidhorghoggen I am a writer and narrative designer with 5 years of experience in the field. I worked on various projects in USA, Europe and Russia both in video-game and real-life game development. The accumulated experience allows me to work in different fields that require a skilled writer. And while main body of my works consists of game projects, I’m always eager to expand my experience and skills. Key skills § § § § § § § § § § § LIVE-ACTION GAMES Creating a story and an overall concept Creating an algorithm of actions and all the puzzles Updating existing room escape (or other live-action) games: adding new puzzles, fixing script and game design problems Working in different formats and genres: solo-games, games for small and large teams, games with actors, mobile quests, quest-buses, games for kids, erotic games, labyrinths etc. Writing specifications for the artists, voice-actors, animators and other specialists working on the game VIDEO GAMES Devising and describing all the elements of the game universe: from geography and history of the world to all the items in the game Writing and updating storyline Creating additional content for existing games Creating quest systems Writing dialogues, descriptions of locations, characters and items both for artists, animators and voice actors and for players Writing game news and working on advertisement Languages 1 Russian (native) English (advanced) French (B1) Past projects:- Freelance Scriptwriter, game designer of live-action games: • room escape; • games for kids; • erotic quests; • mobile quests, quest-buses; • performance (game with an actor). - Friday 13th ( Scriptwriter, game designer of live-action games: • room escape; • mobile quests - "Claustrophobia" ( Scriptwriter, game designer of live-action games: • room escape; • games for kids; • labyrinth - "New Media" ( Scriptwriter/Narrative designer on MMO project for kids «Шарарам» (ru)/«Roly Poly Land» (en) - MIMIMIGAMES ( Lead scriptwriter/Narrative designer on MMORPG «ManaMasters». 2 Live-action games Creating games in different genres and styles • Room Escape Team of players solve puzzles to find a way out of the room, designed according to a chosen theme. • Team Game Room escape game for a large company. Players are divided for the most part of the game, but given some means of communication to create an intense team-playing experience. • Team VS Team Room escape game for a large company. Two or more teams play separately, trying to best one another. • Performance Room escape game with an actor as an in-game character. 3 • Labyrinth Live-action game for a large company. Players must find their way out of the complex labyrinth and solve one main puzzle. • Quest-event Live-action game (for kids or adults) that can be organized at home or in an office space. • Mobile Quest (Quest Box) A short (10-15 min) live-action game for a small team (1-3 players) that is played in a mobile module (a «Box» 2x2x2 meters). This game can be easily relocated. 4 Video games Browser MMORPG «Mana Masters» The game world created by my descriptions Characters 5 Monsters of the game world Animated movies 6 Roly Poly Land Quests based on my scripts Mini-games and puzzles 7

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