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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
30 years


When I was ten years old my mom gifted me with a blue Smith-Corona typewriter (still have it!). From that moment on, I became a writer, and a faster typist.

My career background is diverse with a common thread in writing. The past five years as an independent writer I’ve worked with small business owners, NASA engineers, screenwriters, bloggers, eBook writers, non-profits and more. I switch hats easily from serious industry-specific research/writing to creative, inspirational and some humorous pieces, too.

I enjoy getting to know my clients well enough to create a symbiotic relationship so that each party achieves the desired result.

With minimal direction, but a clear goal from you, my mission is to create compelling and emotional copy that hits all the marks. And we get to work together again!

For the purpose of hubstaff assignments consideration, specific experience to note include: Beer, wine and spirits industry copywriting, catalog content and graphics, promotional materials, blog content/edits, industry white papers, web layout/design.

Lifestyle/websites development: magazine style blogs, creative/inspirational/humor blogs; Small business websites: plastics/industrial/machinery, service-oriented business.

Personal creative writing includes three screenplays, one novel, numerous short stories and articles. Other contract assignments include book ghostwriting for a Fortune 500 CEO, eBook for social media marketer, eBook compilation of creative content.

In my spare time I volunteer to create social media and marketing copy for a non-profit organization that provides entertainment packages for cancer patients.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.



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