Stephen King

I am a freelance writer in the areas of content, technical, SEO, academic and B2B.
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72 years old
Tarlac City, Tarlac, Philippines
2 years

I grew up in and was educated in the Los Angeles area. I received my BA in psychology from UCLA and my MPA in public administration from California State University. My full time jobs included working in aerospace and for the Los Angeles Housing Authority. I then retired from full time work and moved to the Philippines in 2012.

Originally, I started in creative writing with Amazon eBooks, book reviews published on the Hollywood Billboard, and a couple of screenplays. My children's story was included in an anthology entitled "Tense Situations" published by Studio N.I. I created my own blog on Wordpress.

I then transitioned to freelance writing and that is my main focus now. I enjoy content, technical, SEO, academic, and B2B writing. I am very familiar with SEO strategy and the strategic use of keywords. My articles are now on the websites of Swanton Welding and Ankin Law Office in Ohio, Concord Medical Group in Texas, Corporation USA in Florida, Blasting News, and Jacoby Expo Consulting and Event Management. See: I also write for Simple Tense who employs academic writers to assist Chinese students in learning Western writing.

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