Steve Forrester

Facebook Ads, Membership Funnels and Local Lead Generation
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Part-time (20 hrs/wk)
36 years old
Crib Point, Victoria, Australia
4 years

I am a highly experienced Facebook Marketer with a specialty in paid traffic.

I service clients in multiple niches including: eCommerce, Local Lead Generation, Online Course Creators and membership communities.

My approach to Facebook Advertising is holistic. Meaning Facebook Ads should complement your marketing strategy and not be the sole place you put your marketing dollars to work. Using this approach means that I grow your email list, split test your landing pages and provide valuable actionable advise to grow your businesses bottom line - not just likes and shares.

I will work with your brand to ensure that every aspect of the marketing system/funnel flows naturally and complements each other.

This means that I can provide:

  • Autoresponder Copywriting
  • Sales Page Copy
  • Sales Page design
  • Content creation - blog posts, lead magnets etc.

Here are what some of my clients have said about me:

"Steve is extremely helpful. My Facebook ads were only break even before we connected. After implementing the changes he suggested my ads are consistently getting 300%+ Return on Ad Spend." Kjetil - Deliciou (eCommerce).

"Steve has been awesome to work with since the beginning. It’s great to finally work with someone who is actually keeping up with what’s actually going on. He deeply understands marketing and is continually experimenting with new ideas. Steve has turned my business around and has helped to bring positive growth through new members. " Jesse - Neiru (Membership Site).

"Steve is a champ his advice and help was one of the pillars that helped double my business in 12 months, after 10 years of flat growth. Hire him immediately. Unless your my competitor then please stay away!" Matt - SMAC (Local Martial Arts Gym).

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