Tamer Donovan Anani

Technical and Creative Writer and Teacher
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
34 years old
Popayán, Cauca, Colombia
8 years

I have a Masters in Chemistry (MChem Hon. 2009) from the University of Surrey, UK, where I specialized in polymers and conducted my Industrial Research dissertation in Hitachi, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan. Subsequently, I pursued technical writing and contracts pertaining to Intellectual Property Rights at Bristows LLP dealing with litigation and mediation of patent, copyright, design and Trade Mark infringements.

I focused on Case Management in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules and lead teams to review data according to relevance. Since private practice, I moved in-house to work in Contracts for Reckitt Benckiser plc in 2013, where I developed a technical database of surfactants with supply chain information.

I have an interest in development projects and have been particularly active as an entrepreneur in India and the Middle East where I got involved in the management of rural projects for sustainable food and income generation.

As a freelance journalist, I compiled statistics, incident and commodity reports, regulatory articles and authored a range of web content for a diverse range of clients. In 2014, I joined Bechtel Ltd as a Technical Writer and Cost-Claims Analyst for a multi-billion dollar infrastructure project in Muscat, Oman and subsequently moved department to work in a service consultancy contract for Defence Equipment and Support Procurement entity of the Ministry of Defense, Bristol, UK.

I became self-employed to work on investigative journalism and teach in Colombia and have now helped incorporate two companies; Agromundo Organicos SAS and Paisaje and Cultura SAS, organic food production and tourism undertakings respectively. I believe in the regeneration of the rural sector and the potential of mans´management of animals and environment, I worked in Livestock Production in Gazientep, Turkey, together with Dr. Sinan Ugun, specialist in Veterinary Science. We conducted artificial inseminations and monitored progress in breeding for wool, milk and meat on the same sites providing training, employment and food for displaced persons keen to work for self-sufficiency rather than remain in an overcrowded refugee camp.

I write financial, technical and marketing reports for organizations. Today, I work to make self-sustainable farms that can be productive and conserve the character of one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet equipped in a team of Environmental Scientists, Biologists, Ornithologists and Anthropologists. We have been developing tours in some of Colombia´s most biodiverse regions. I am striving to keep a balance between my work here and my online business as a teacher and writer.

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