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34 years old
Popayán, Cauca, Colombia
8 years
TAMER DONOVAN ANANI Yambitará Hacienda, Cl 35N Cr 6, Popayán, Cauca, Colombia-- (Colombia) PROFILE : Teacher, lawyer, journalist, humanitarian, farmer, ecologist and entrepreneur working in bilingual programs focused on environmental education, tourism and clean agricultural practices in Cauca, Colombia LANGUAGES: English (native), Arabic (mother), Spanish (fluent), French (good), Turkish (good), Russian (basic), Japanese (basic) SOFTWARE: MS Excel, Powerpoint, Visio, Project 2010, Document Management Software (Adobe Pro, Kroll), Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere), Primavera P6, Database (Access & SQL), Wordpress SKILLS: Teaching, Digital Marketing, Web publishing, Project Management, Commercial Contracts, Technical Writing, Communications, Construction, Science & Engineering, Intellectual Property, IT, International Commerce, Risk Mitigation, Delay Analysis, Cost & Quantum, Logistics, Grant Management, Website Design and Build (Java, HTML), Content Management Systems (Wordpress), Research and Business Planning, Scientific Research and Investigation, Teaching and Public Speaking QUALIFICATIONS CURSOS/DIPLOMAS Diploma en veerduría y derechos para los discapacitados/ Diploma in civil rights with emphasis on disabled persons, La Fundación Universitaría, Popayán Aug 2017 Diploma en Docencia Universitaria/ certificate in University teaching, Autónoma, Popayán - Aug 2017 Digital Marketing with Garage Digital, Google certification online Jul 2017 – Course in Green Businesses /Agricultura Orgánica y Producción Limpia por La CRC y La Fundación Universitaria, Popayán Mar 2016 – Red Cross First Aid/ Soporte Vital, Popayán - Nov 2015 – Spanish B.2 exam EAFIT University, Medellín - Aug 2015 Security Course,–– Radicalization, Policy, Incident Reporting, Monitoring & Evaluation, Kosovo, Pristina- The University of Law (Moorgate, London, UK) –Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) & Legal Practice Course The University of Surrey (Guildford, Surrey, UK) –– Masters in Chemistry (MChem Hon.) with Industrial Placement Year with Hitachi Chemicals Ltd. (Ibaraki, Japan). Dissertation (2009): On Anti-Viral therapies for Cytomegalovirus and other AIDS symptoms WORK Feb 2016 – PRSESENT Docente/reader in Modern Languages at the University of Remington, Popayán English Volunteer Instructor at SENA (Servicio Educación Nacional Aprendizaje), Popayán, Cauca, Colombia Teacher of Modern Languages online (English, French & Arabic) ZQEnglish, Carina Wang Science and Language online tutor at nobelcoaching.com – teach special needs students mainly from USA in AP level Biology and Spanish Convenio Fundación Mundo Mujer y PC SAS May – Nov 2017: Building capacitation in rural areas in Cauca for Ecoturismo with emphasis on birds. Incorporation and formalization of community and entrepreneurial activities in Community Tourism into an entity ´En El Cauca Paisaje y Cultura S.A.S.´ as well as creation of a company for an Agricultural Cooperative now known as ´Agromundo Orgánicos SAS´ Project Manager and Consultant PC SAS – producing monthly/weekly illustrated reports, photographer and video producer and editor, web administrator, content writer in 3 languages, administration and 1 handling of clients, web marketing, showcasing and exhibitions, consultative selling of products and services at PC SAS, proposal writing and research Head of digital marketing and co-founder of website, a portal of development projects in Cauca I head commercial contracts and marketing for both companies, I create and organize supply chain and integrate the data into the budget and forecasts, I take a lead on sales and account management using online marketing strategies such as email newsletters, surveys, reviews and other types of publicity material Aug 2015 - ‘Review of Ghana in 2016’ and the ‘Impact of Oil Price for Qatar’ – September 2015 - The Business Year Commodities Price Reporting – Oil/Gas Chemicals, Metals & Mining – ‘Iran Sanctions and the Price of Oil’ August 2015 - Argus Media Group, Dubai Office, UAE Freelance Journalism on European Crisis, Migration and Conflict (Ukraine, Kosovo, Serbia, Colombia); (1) ‘Medsanbat: Ukraine’s Doctors Battalion’ (2) ‘Refugees and Radicalism in the Balkans’ (3) ‘Olga Kurnosova: High Risk Politics in Exile’ (4) ´President Santos Hugs for Peace´ published at Insight on Conflict Feb 2016 Jan 2015 July 2015 Bechtel Management Corporation Ltd. Division: Nuclear, Security & Environmental - Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Project – Contracts Specialist/Project Controls Bechtel awarded contract with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to provide project delivery support as a Managed Service Provider (MSPs) to DE&S Responsible for administration, management and communication of sub-contract/ prime contract Technical writer - Précis deliverables, prepare executive summaries and prepare bid packages Prime Contract Management - Compliance analysis, self-audit, developing (MS Visio, ppt. Excel) graphics, pivot tables, data analysis, development of modeling tools (maximizing use of Commercial Off-the-shelf software) for customer and operational requirements Management Reporting - Accounting and Project Financial Status Reports (Situation Reports) - Maintain internal document for Project Controls to monitor outgoings as well as reconcile and investigate erroneous charging practices. Proficient in the use of web-based software for Corporate Financial Analytic Reporting. Assist forecasting and Estimation team with overheads, revenues, maximum performance fee breakdown/calculation Maintaining Contract Baseline and formulating Work Break Down Structures from strategy into Project Execution Plan. Client, Bechtel and industry information in collaboration with other functions for scheduling, planning and costing. Present data on multiple forms of media and software. Task Order and Rate Card preparation/negotiation, amendment of (sub)contracts, invoicing, Division of Responsibility, timely actions and notifications Compliance & Risk – Responsible for Risk and Mitigation Plan in collaboration with Senior Management. Maintain Risk Register. Project Execution Planning - supported 75+ defence-related contracts and executive research for prospective bidders for tender of new Prime Contracts for customer       Aug 2014 – Jan 2015        Bechtel, Enka and Bahwan (BEB) – Claims Specialist – Muscat International Airport (Terminals, Forecourt & Aprons) – Division: Civil Calculated Costs & Quantum – Presented demonstrable and measurable costs to external counsel in the form of concise, tabulated reports. Interrogate large data sets Drafted claim documentation, in response to Contract Administrator/Engineer (Hill International) Developed procedures based on Prime Contract and acted as analyst for cost, quantum and governing contract/law Reviewed arbitration documentation, prepared witness statements and expert reports Handled complex, multi-party contractual issues and drafting changes to Employer’s Specifications Investigated and researched insurance, contractual and negligence in collaboration with Risk Department – analyzed the culpability of Joint Venture negligence Translated Arabic and Turkish documentation to support Senior Counsel 2 Oct 2013Aug 2014           June 2013 – Sept 2013 Volunteered in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey to support refugee camps and local human rights’ organizations to secure funding through USAID, DFID and EC financing Presented briefings, maps on security situation in region – incident reporting Submitted marketing material for development/humanitarian organizations – copywriting for online resources, graphic design and editing Freelance photographers – able to take video, photos and organize as part of a project or portfolio. Pitch multimedia work and disseminate on multiple forms of social media and independent publications Supported research for think tanks and publications for journals including Al-Monitor i.e. strength and reach of particular armed rebels and evaluation reports. Published work on ‘Turkish Alliances and Strategic Shift of Ankara’ Mar ’14 Collaborated in report writing for OCHA on Food Security to build a case for Agricultural Development in Turkey and Syria Worked as an interpreter/fixer using languages (Turkish, Arabic, English, French) – assisted journalists with interviews, orientation and transport Assisted delivery of mobile hospitals, medical kits and equipment Developed proposals and managed funding for agricultural projects to build model farms for Syrian refugees – built: www.livestockaid.com - Dr. Sinan Ogun, Zirve University, Turkey High involvement and communication with stakeholders such as other implementing agencies including UNHCR & Acted to replicate farm model – shared resources, sites, knowledge & personnel Reckitt Benckiser plc, Slough, UK – Procurement & Contracts - UK/Netherlands     June 2011March 2013 - Developed a SAP tool for detergents and surfactants based on the Technical Documentation System (TDS). Standardised detergent nomenclature into groups, ionic, non-ionic surfactants for use in Personal, Fabric and Surface Cleaning Advised marketing on Brands, business development and the legal implications of marketing in accordance with FDA, NICE and other EU and Statutory regulations Negotiated international contracts for the procurement of detergents in Head Office in Schipol, NL – drafted bespoke terms and conditions for each region Meetings with BASF (key supplier in Ludwigshafen, Rhineland) for the development of SAP procurement system. Participated with R&D and learnt about the permutations of surfactants for different applications. Used MS Excel to keep a daily record of price changes, quantities and terms Bristows LLP - London, UK – Legal Training        Specialised in IP litigation, disputes, contracts, software piracy and copyright law Worked closely with client retainer (Business Software Alliance) to enforce matters of copyright infringement for EMEA region – close collaboration with legal managers, regional directors from the client’s organisation and respective members i.e. Adobe, Microsoft, CAD, Apple and Siemens Received instructions from Counsel with regards to matters of copyright infringement, damages, costs and Part 36 offers (Civil Procedure Rules “CPR”) and gained an in-depth knowledge of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and enforceability Assisted Trade Mark Attorneys with the registration and renewal of Trade Marks for clients with extensive portfolios such as Diageo, WPP, BBC and Reckitt Benckiser Wrote recommendations and managed database for administration of Trade Marks including practical and conforming Trade Marks pursuant to the relevant EU and UK Statutory Laws Translated Arabic/English registration certificates and client documentation for Trade Mark disputes Litigation for Babcock International Group as claimant for breach in Trade Mark Licence Agreement (TMLA) against Doosan Babcock. Managed over 1000 documents to prepare a case against Defendant. Filed over 100 years of client documentation for use of the Trade Mark ‘Babcock’ in the Power and Civil Nuclear industry. 3        June- Prepared a database in MS Excel and drafted Statements of Case, Expert Reports and Witness Statements pursuant to CPR. Organised documents according to relevance, privilege and applicability Prepared hard-copy and e-documentation and researched areas of law and fact for clients Specialised in Case Management for the preparation for Litigation Acted for World Bank to conduct auditing of International Energy Company contracted in Pakistan for allegations of fraud contrary to Bribery Act and Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (US) Led a team of reviewers and worked closely with client (former owners of Liverpool Football Club) to claim against former directors for breach of fiduciary duties and a claim for damages (Senior Courts Act) Specialised in Construction Contracts and Dispute Resolution on accordance with CPR Handled Arbitration cases, drafted Arbitration clauses and prepared documentation for Tribunals Hitachi Chemicals Ltd. Hitachi City, Ibaraki, Japan – Energy Division      Research and development of materials for Fuel Cell manufacturing and lithium-ion batteries – team involvement in the production of polymers, catalysts and nano-materials as part of my Industrial Research Dissertation Worked in a multi-discliplinary team of engineers, material scientists and project managers Presented data with respect to performance and durability (voltage, corrosion) Synthesized Platinum-ruthenium catalysts sulfonated semi-permeable polymer membranes and worked to improve mechanical performance. Drafted patent reports Used a range of analytical equipment to record molecular structures REFERENCES Dr. Ian Hamerton Academic (10 years) Department of Aerospace Engineering University of Bristol, Queen Building, Bristol, BS8 1TR, UK M +44 - E- Ian Radford Professional (+3 years) Senior Counsel, Bechtel Corporation 11 Pilgrim Street, EC4V 6RN, London, UK E- INTERESTS  NOTES   Sebastien Fustier Personal & Profesional (+4 years) Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja Jefe de Subdelegación Cel:- E-- Triathlon, Music, Literature  Photography & Journalism  UK & JORDAN NATIONALITIES International Driving Licence including Motorcycle and Bus References, certificates and other types of personal documentation can be annexed upon request 4
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