Tatum Hamernik

Creativity and organization are my expertise.
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
25 years old
Lampang, Northern, Thailand
2 years

I graduated from Western Connecticut with honors as a double major in Creative Writing and Video Production. My writing classes were heavily based on editing skills, copy editing, and blog post writing. I was an intern for the college Writing Department where I wrote scripts, designed website layouts, and created video content for a new freshman seminar class promotion. I've taken multiple website design classes. During my senior year of college I produced an award winning live political show, Election Connection, where I managed a class of over 40 students for one semester. I also produced and co-edited a music video for a local band, which has been accepted into multiple student film festivals. For six months I was a Digital Marketing Assistant, managing the social media, blog posts, Wordpress, and customer service for multiple clients, including a multi-million dollar company, Plumbing Planet. I am currently a volunteer English teacher in Thailand, where I run my own Wordpress blog, which I created myself and make videos for my YouTube channel.

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