Temiloluwa Titiloye

Temiloluwa Titiloye

Digital marketing | Content development | Content management | SEO | Analytics | SM management
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31 years old
Bradford, England, United Kingdom
7 years

I provide services that help brands boost their online presence through brand awareness, own and distribute engaging contents and increase their ROI through online marketing.

For 11 years, I've been a copywriter. And it's been 7 years since I ventured into digital marketing and 5 years since I picked up design skills. All these put together has shaped me into an experienced digital marketer and content creator that believes in creativity, diversity and quality.

With the effect of the pandemic, more people have turned to the internet for a lifestyle which in turn, has resulted in an increase in traffic that floods the internet on a daily basis. This development has helped lots of brands to grow their user base or customer base.

With the right set of strategies, I can help your brand harness the power of this traffic and control your narrative while creating a strong perception of your brand identity.

It is a known fact that people are drawn to good contents. The more appealing and targeted your contents are, the more reach you will get. The more reach you get, the more leads you generate which will result in how many leads your team can convert to customers.

The services your brand stands to get with me are:

  • 1. Digital campaigns: in-depth strategy and planning that yields creative ideas for your business to thrive online. Running campaigns using vast ad networks. For example, Google Ads.
  • 2. Search engine optimization: boosting your ranking on major search engines and making your brand easier to find.
  • 3. Inbound marketing: creating engaging contents that arouse and captures the interest of your potential customers online.
  • 4. Online advertising: delivering promotional contents to active Internet users in order to generate leads and in turn, convert them to sales.
  • 5. Online lead generation: unlocking the potential of your website is critical to generating leads online. With the combination of your social media pages and website, lead generation can be increased massively.
  • 6. Social media marketing and management: marketing on social media platforms and also managing your social media accounts to gain a better social media presence.
  • 7. Content development and management: creating various types of quality engaging contents, ranging from text to rich media contents.
  • 8. Content marketing: focusing on promoting quality contents that communicate the mind of the company to potential customers on various social media platforms and ad networks.
  • 9. Funnel building
  • 10. Copywriting

I'm looking for great opportunities to build quality and long-lasting relationships with clients. If you're convinced that your goals align with the services I offer, don't hesitate to contact me. I'd do my best to exceed your expectations.

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