Thais de Azambuja

Marketing & Branding Specialist
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29 years old
Lima, Lima, Peru
4 years

Creative branding / marketing specialist. I focus on providing a wholistic strategy approach to brands that focus on certain target segments and psychographic principles. In order to build a successful brand, I create a strong unique competitive advantage for a brand through in-depth research and analysis of the competition as well as a solid brand identity. Research, design and strategy are the key in my work.

These are my highlights:

  • I have work experience presenting marketing proposal to clients for different companies.
  • I specialize in writing original and well-researched web content, press releases, blog posts, articles and other corporate branding material.
  • A bachelor's degree in business administration with a marketing concentration has given me a deep insight into consumer behavior and market trends.
  • I am currently completing a certification in Digital Marketing. Thus, my strong interest for social marketing campaigns.
  • My international travel experience has helped me adapt my writing style for different target markets and niches.
  • Committed to quality, deadlines and on-time communication.
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