Thilina Ranathunga

Java, Spring, API, Angular, .Net, C#, Python, MySQL
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33 years old
Ekala, Jaela, Sri Lanka
7 years

Over 7 years of experience in the industry as a software engineer and a lecturer I have gained and seasoned my knowledge and abilities in all phases of Information System development project starting from idea formation / requirement gathering to final implementation and maintenance through all other intermediate processes including requirement analysis, system design and modularizing, test planning, integration, quality assurance and configuration management.

Always assure the quality of the product with the support of industrial best practices and international standards while monitoring contributions of coworkers to make sure the quality total development and improve awareness of team members to gain the maximum and quality guaranteed output.

This is not everything, we will discuss many more things about my experiences and successful applications when we talk later.

Hope to work with you. Best of luck!

Thank you.
Thilina Ranathunga


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