Vanessa Ann E. Ignacio

Bi-lingual Customer Service Specialist and a top performer appointment setter
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
42 years old
Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines
11 years

Hi! I'm a mother of four girls. Just gave birth of my 4th child last Feb 26. When I saw this job opening I'm very much excited and positive to be working in a next level of working from home. If given the chance to work with you, this is going to be my 2nd time experience of working from home. Working from home is my most wonderful experience in my professional career, because you got a chance to serve not only the company but also your family. I'am a very family and work oriented person. I started my call center experience in 2004. I had about more than 11 years of experience. With that I believe is my edge among other applicants. I got great experience as bi-lingual customer service for Telecom and Finance. I'm great at always putting customers first and I will always go out of my way to do a great job for them. Had achieved several awards such as Best Customer Service for the month, Best Agent and Collector of the Month. And also having an appointment setter experience for more than 2 years is also my edge for this role because my previous job has taught me a lot. We are setting appointment for executives that's earning at least a minimum of $150k a year and are seeking for an executive role in w/c they'll be paying us for finding them a job and must agree to pay us upfront w/c I believe is a rare kind of service, and definitely I was doing this job for more than two years. And in this kind of job, it's hard to spot a potential prospect who will buy our service, but because of my skills in communicating with them I am able to excellently do this job. The reason I left my previous role although it has a very good pay is because the company were cutting expenses due to crisis in the US. Unemployed executives were no longer interested in this kind of service because they are being sustained by their government. And lastly, I can say that as an appointment setter I'm very responsible for contacting leads over the phone to generate appointment, someone who shows interests in our products and services. So if I'll be given a chance to work with your team, I'm very much willing to be trained, work independently under time pressure and easy to adopt rules and regulations of your company. With my transferable skill sets I'm open for another opportunity with good hourly rate with achievable and feasible incentives. Hiring me could be one of your wisest decision to make.

God Bless.

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