Victoria Santalesa

Blogs and essays, content for email campaigns, branding and marketing, SEO optimization
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47 years old
Los Angeles, California, United States
15 years

It all started with my failed attempt at becoming a punk rock musician on the Lower East Side of New York. I had a band with my twin sister, and apparently we looked a lot better than we sounded. We caught the attention of Rock ‘n Roll writer Steven Blush, then working at Seconds Magazine, while paying our dues at the local hole in the walls clubs. An article and photo shoot resulted.

When it became clear that my musical career was not taking off, I approached Steven about the idea of writing for the magazine. He sent me on a number of assignments interviewing musicians writing up the results. I also worked with the creative team on columns and marketing. I worked there for three years, honing my skills and perfecting my craft.

Unfortunately, Seconds Magazine went out of business, and so did I. I came to Los Angeles to find new opportunities to show off my talents, and hopefully make some doing so. Since then, I have worked as a part time academic tutor and freelance writer. I have written blogs, emails and created ad text for a variety of companies. I an excellent researcher with never ending creativity.  I have provided content dealing with everything from health and lifestyle, to travel, to education, to the latest innovations in technology and am familiar with SEO optimization.

Another thing you may want to know about me is that my grammar is practically infallible. Since coming to LA, I have earned my certification as an SAT and ACT instructor for Princeton Review, so my writing , vocabulary and proofreading skills are topnotch.  I can also write some pretty killer college admissions and academic essays.

I’m proficient on Word Office and Excel, Mail Chimp and WordPress. I guarantee superior work, professionalism, and a quick turnover. I pride myself on making  myself available to my clients and keeping the lines of communication open. No job too big or small. Whatever you have in mind, I'm up for it if you are.

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