Viktor Ilijev

Specialized in story telling, presenting, and project management.
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30 years old
Skopje, Skopje Centar, Macedonia, Republic of
8 years
  • Part of ValosoHub and Valoso as Deputy GM, where I oversee strategic and business development, and manage a team of 20 + people.
    • Valoso is a global media coverage company¬†specialized¬†in creating smart video content for event organizers and local brands in 6 locations around the world including USA, UK, Germany, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia.
    • ValosoHub is an international development team accelerator that offers tailor made IT solutions. We have been operational for 1 year and already has 5 established global offices to cater to the needs of international clients.

Worked for the biggest and most rewarded marketing agency on the Balkans New Moment New Ideas Company Skopje (10+ Cannes Lions) as a key account manager/client service for 5 years.
Developed, pitched, and executed a project worth 250k EUR in 2015.

Always open for additional challenges in the area of presentations - Whether you need help

  • visually reworking or doing the presentation from scratch
  • coming up with a seamless and simple concept
  • creating clear and attractive content for the presentation
  • creating a persuasive startup pitch deck

PM and let's talk.


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