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Specialized in story telling, presenting, and project management.
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30 years old
Skopje, Skopje Centar, Macedonia, Republic of
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Viktor Ilijev Strategic Management and Pitching Boulevard Partizanski Odredi 17-4/9 Skopje, Macedonia 1000 --27 yr old. SKILLS Motivational speaker, strategic thinker - able to easily see the big picture, locate the problem or opportunity within the picture and pitch a simple lucrative solution - This is my primary skill set which applies to all industries. EXPERIENCE ValosoHub, Skopje Macedonia​- Deputy General Manager February 2017 - PRESENT In charge of planning, overseeing, directing and coordinating the operations of Valoso Hub together with the heads of the departments, of ensuring operational efficiency and effectiveness, managing staff and allocating resources for optimum performance and ultimately delivering financial/business/strategic reports to the founders/GM. Approving, overseeing and controlling cost or expenditure that occur on a daily basis in ValosoHub Making sure all employees are upscaling their abilities in their roles in their departments. Help CEO and Accountant set profit goals for every financial year and quarter which will define monthly budgets. Be a prime example of the ideal Valoso Hub employee and set the standard for how the Valoso Hub employee should interact and behave with customers, team mates, the company, the environment, office and how he should approach his own work and responsibilities. ValosoHub, Skopje Macedonia​- Head of Sales November 2016 - PRESENT Responsible for: ● The overall management of all strategic and operational Business Development and sales activities. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Developing the Sales approach by generating ideas, content, and concepts which will provide superior sales strategies. Implementation of these sales strategies. Providing market feedback to the company leadership regarding competitive offerings, prospect needs and generate product development ideas. Developing and maintaining a unique company character and voice, which is used to project the company image outwards, when reaching potential prospects. Planning and coordinating the implementation of business plans and the penetration of new markets. Maintaining sales volume, product mix, and selling price by monitoring costs, competition, and supply and demand, changing trends, economic indicators, and competitors. Collaborating with Marketing to ensure consistent lead generation. and collaborating with IT on sales technology initiatives. Driving increased revenue and profit to achieve the Company`s ambitious growth. Leading and scheduling weekly and/or monthly team meetings with sales team and leadership. Embodying and promoting the company culture through the company and through sales to connect with customers. Meeting pre-determined revenue goals through the activities of direct reports. Ensuring correct usage of CRM and other sales applications. Ensuring adherence to sales process. NewMoment New Ideas, Skopje Macedonia ​- Account Manager September 2011 - October 2016 Managing, organizing, and developing marketing strategies for campaigns and activities concerning key accounts such as Philip Morris, Imperial Tobacco dm drogerie markt and ● HalkBank, Lek Sandoz (slovenian pharmaceutical manufacturer), Toyota, Ford, Seat, Lukoil, Netcetera (local soft dev company with a swiss HQ), TetraPak, Bambi, Jaffa, Stark, Sarantis, Colgate, Henkel leading manufacturer of adhesives and bonding material for the balkan Developed, pitched, and executed a project worth 250k EUR in 2015. Average project worth 15k EUR. From 2011 till now, under my supervision and part of a 5 to 15 member team, we have created: ● ● 40+ medium size events - 500 attendees + 30+ large size events - 1000 attendees + ● ● 50 + promotional BTL/ATL promotional campaigns for new products in selected retail chains nationwide. 100+ campaigns for clients including - current product promotion, new product development, brand repositioning and development, establishing of KPI's for each campaign, analysis of KPi's during the campaign and after, also day to day communication with the client regarding performance issues of the campaign in question (including development of ad hoc strategies and solutions to improve performance, or solve the current issue that is hindering optimal performance of the campaign) , Skopje Macedonia​- CEO and founder June 2016 - present Bbdirector is a personal blog project to empower and teach the community and fellow entrepreneurs in two areas ● ● Business Personal growth By providing actionable simple advice and strategies on how to succeed in business through pitching, presenting and strategic thinking, and how personally become better people through healthy, proactive and learning lifestyle. Bidi, Skopje Macedonia​- CEO and Cofounder June 2015 - January 2017 ● ● ● ● ● game that will change how eCommerce works because it allows the players to get premium products and services for 1$ and allows sellers to sell the same products and services for the full value they are worth. We want to allow consumers/gamers that have low buying power/ low to medium income get and own high quality products and thus open up a huge market for sellers as well. Our vision is to allow players to get premium products for free while at the same time allow sellers to get paid in full - this is possible thanks to our game mechanics. Currently developing the MVP/Alpha game which will launch in December 2016 for the SEEU market first, and afterwards expand into the EEU market. ShowShake, Skopje Macedonia​- CMO and Cofounder June 2014 - January 2016 ShowShake is a SaaS - the complete crowd-booking platform for the live entertainment industry. It offers a service to several target groups (fans, booking/event/management agencies, venues, sponsors, artists and promoters). Our vision is to bring fresh air in the live entertainment industry, to hear the needs of the fans and make their dream shows reality. We want to provide a new tool which will completely digitalize the whole organizing process and eliminate the risks associated with it, ShowShake addresses the needs of both local and world-class industry players. I am a part of a team that aims to bring ShowShake closer to its vision, through good strategic planning, servicing new and existing clients locally and regionally. Youth Empowerment Initiative, Blagoevgrad Bulgaria​- Vice President June 2008 - January 2011 Project Manager of year round events; coordinating the same with other organizations and Universities. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Leadership development seminar (Held every December) - Prepared and scheduled an all day event; coordinated presentation and accommodated guest speakers. Greatest Battle of the year Event - annual event - Coordinating members with their activities to achieve efficient and successful event; planed and prepared the agenda for the event; coordinated outside contractors; Provided budget funding from external as well as internal sponsors Created advertising Campaigns for the events and the organization itself Provided marketing support and developed promotional events Supervised in recruitment process Other Experience Advertising campaign for Raising Anti graffiti awareness in Blagoevgrad; Developed the theme and appeal for the advertisement; Assisted in researching the given problem; developed the structure of the advertisement billboard Project Manager tasked to design a PR campaign to raise Alzheimer's Disease Awareness In Blagoevgrad Assisted in conducting a throughout research on the given subject; Developed the overall design of the PR campaign. Marketing Research project - "Student feedback on new Evaluation System for professors” Analyzing data in SPSS and preparing final report T-Mobile Macedonia ​- Internship May 2010 - August 2010 Internship in the Marketing Department providing assistance in various activities such as product analysis and presentation design. EDUCATION American University in Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad Bulgaria ​- BA in International Marketing and strategic business August 2007- May 2011 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore. AWARDS NEW MOMENT STARS PROGRAM Won 2nd place for writing the best creative brief, in the New Moment Stars Regional program. The program is a regional project for promoting and acknowledging strategic and creative excellence across the region which includes New Moment Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania; Competition was fierce, and included more than 50 submitted briefs from all regional offices. CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE Issued by the Marketing and commercial planning department of PMITKP for outstanding performances in PMTKP projects for Marlboro and Chesterfield brands (Projects include development of ideas for events (purpose of events: rebranding, local implementation of global campaigns), development of strategy and deployment plans for the events and execution and supervision of the same).
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