Yehia Elsaka

Mobile Development Engineer
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
31 years old
Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt
6 years
Yehia Elsaka Sr. Software Engineer Phone - El Ibrahimia E-mail- Alexandria • • • • • Date of birth 11 Mar 1990 Experienced Software Engineer & Mobile Team Lead with over 5 years of experience in Mobile Development TOP RATED Upwork Software Engineer Solid understanding of the full software engineering & mobile development life cycle Good knowledge and experience in RESTful Services Design, Implementation and Consumption Ability to work as a team member or as an individual and confident in serving the best results EXPERIENCE Jan 2013 - present • Co-Founder & Software Engineer TrianglZ LLC, Alexandria, Egypt • • • iOS/Android Lead Engineer Operate an expert “A​Team” of software engineers, developers, testers and marketeers Serving clients from across the globe with various interests from advertising and social media to Health Care and Real time Processing, that includes: • Mobile Team Lead Bridgecrest Medical Inc, San Francisco -- Jan 2014 / Jul 2016 • At Bridgecrest Medical, we provide actionable intelligence to heavy industry professionals, to ensure safe and smooth operations. Our solutions combine the latest in mobile and wearable technology with real-time data analytics to help companies prevent accidents, lower insurance costs and increase productivity • Technology: Wearables / iOS / Android / ROR / AWS Cloud / Redis.IO / Fitbit API / Samsung Gear Hub API / Tizen SDK / Parse SDK / Material UI • Mobile Team Lead GreeNetworks, Kuwait -- Jan 2015 / Feb 2016 • • • Leading social & location based mobile apps Architect new search engine based on Instagram & Foursquare results TrianglZ had a huge co​operation with GreeNetworks for 3 years in which we developed a stack of apps for them that includes: Bazaarii - Instagram for the business, Bazaarii combined the business search API of Foursquare with rich multimedia content from Instagram by combining both APIs in an Instagram like experience and forged a new search API that gathers info from the rich content of both social media giants ReadRight UCL - Read​Right aims to provide free rehabilitation to patients with Hemianopic Alexia. This is a specific reading disorder related to visual impairment usually caused by a stroke or head injury • Technology: iOS / Android / ROR / Foursquare API / Instagram API • Mobile Development Engineer Cartogram Inc, Seattle, WA -- Nov 2015 / May 2016 • • • Enable indoor navigation on the Google Maps experience Manage indoor maps, events, content, beacons and digital marketing from smartphones Technology: iOS / Android / Beacons • Mobile Development Engineer Spotio, Dallas, USA -- Apr 2015 / Nov 2015 • • Door to Door Mobile CRM Spotio solves the problem of tracking sales activities of door to door, canvassing, face to face, field and outside salespeople and teams • Technology: iOS / Android Aug 2012 - Nov 2012 • Software Development Engineer nWeave, Alexandria, Egypt • • • Cloud Solutions Using Google App Engine as a cloud solution & support mobile services APIs Technology: iOS / Google App Engine / Python Aug 2011 - Aug 2012 • Mobile Development Engineer Survey Analytics, Seattle, WA • • • Android Development Engineer Online surveys, mobile data collection, advanced analysis and data visualization SurveyPocket - Collect data anytime, anywhere using tablets and smartphones even while offline! • SecondPrism - Visualize data in a brand new way - using the touch interface of the tablet and smartphone - It is an application that shows the responses of the surveys you have created in Aug 2011 - Mar 2012 • Software Development Engineer Tahrir², Alexandria, Egypt Blue Flare • Blue Flare is a location-based services provider that provides products as "Flare Fleet" which is a fleet management system for corporate & can be used as a car locator for Individuals EDUCATION 2008 - 2012 • Alexandria University • • • • Bachelor's degree, Computer Systems Engineering Overall Grad: Very Good Cumulative Score: 80.09 % GPA: 3.69 SKILLS • • • • • • • Mobile Development iOS / Android OOP & Design patterns Java, C /C++, Objective-C, Swift Data structure and algorithms Wearable Technologies ROR, Angular JS, Node JS Google App Engine / Python LANGUAGES • • Arabic English
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