Yogesh Eknath Padekar

Senior iOS Developer
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
30 years old
Nasik, Maharashtra, India
6 years

✓ 6+ years of experience in iOS application development.
✓ Have worked on iBeacon technology.
✓ Have worked on internet less data transfer over a WiFi Direct network of the devices.
✓ Have worked on streaming media from one device to another device in the same network. Used UDP, TCP and HTTP data transfer protocols.
✓ Have worked on Networking Application, Enterprise Application, Travel application, Betting Application, Utility Application, Entertainment application, Educational application and Music application.
✓ Operational knowledge of 3 Tier architecture.
✓ Understanding of Cocoa/UI Kit frameworks and the IOS SDK.
✓ Experience working with databases in relation to iOS development.
✓ Experience of consuming web services (REST/SOAP) and processing data (XML/JSON).
✓ Experience of integrating social library in iOS like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
✓ Have good problem solving skills.
✓ Ability to work in a team environment and in a deadline driven environment.
✓ Experience of handling small sized developer teams while working in a project.

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