Behavioral Health Network Resources

Behavioral Health Network Resources

Remote Drug rehab SEO and Marketing Specialists
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Pompano Beach, FL, United States
8 years ago

Behavioral Health Network Resources is a remote drug rehab SEO and marketing provider. We are leading the fight against digital Darwinism. Many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers have poor lead generation strategies. In fact, many are still trying to use outdated Google Ad Words and PPC or pay per click advertising.

The substance abuse rehabilitation industry is extremely competitive. The only way to beat Goliath is with a localized drug rehab SEO strategy. This is the best long-term solution to the drug rehabs centers long-term problem of generating new clients. The best this is that once you rank on page one of google organically, you tend to Stay there a while.

Just like the google Ad Words shutdown in 2017, the Coronavirus pandemic has caught drug rehab marketing agencies and addiction treatment centers with their pants down. Many do not know how to effectively use social media for marketing purposes. They mainly use it for paid Facebook marketing. Had they learned and build up targeted connection and friend in conjunction with targeted groups they would be OK right now. This combined with the google MArch 2020 update completion of giving SEO just to social media is a win. If you would like to learn about our remote services for drug rehab SEO and social media marketing give us a call.

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