Akash Sah

Data Science & Data Analytics
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25 years old
Kolkata, Westbengal, India
1 year

My name is Akash, I'm a jr. data scientist who loves automation. I believe most of our tasks can be and should be automated leaving us to do what we love most. Do you have a spreadsheet that you have to prepare over and over for your weekly/monthly/quarterly report? Do you need to scrape some data that takes ages to manually copy/paste? Do you need to perform statistical analysis or predict sales/revenues for next month? Just get a coffee for yourself and I can do the rest for you.

Briefly about me:

I'm proficient with data analysis and data preprocessing with Python (programming language);

Can process different kinds of data - numeric or text, parse pdf, extract data from databases;

I'm also good at more complicated tasks as well - building machine learning models (classic ML, NLP, Computer Vision).

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