Attique Ullah

Senior Mobile Developer
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Full-time (40 hrs/wk)
32 years old
Islamabad, Federal, Pakistan
8 years

I am a reliable, creative professional mobile development expert specializing in native iOS/Android apps and backend service/SaaS platform integration.

In the past several years I have built many iOS and Android applications, with a focus on Maps, GIS, GPS, PUSH, and geospatial data as well as experience in information management and presentation. My core ability is complete engineering of mobile applications from the ground up, choosing an appropriate database, logic, and UI technologies from the array of existing options.

I have used backend integration with REST service as well direct DB calls, used BaaS platforms like Firebase/QuickBlox, Geolocation, Geo-fencing, Payment integration, facebook/twitter/Instagram/foursquare integration, and a lot of other technologies in the iOS apps.


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