Breeya Harrison

Artist (Graphic Designer). Dancer. Choreographer. Instructor. Writer.
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26 years old
Houston, Texas, United States
7 years

I have extensive experience in art from courses taken in undergrad to working at an art studio. I was Graphic Design Archivist at Britto Central, the studio of the world-renowned artist Romero Britto. As the Graphic Design Archivist, I was responsible for locating, editing, properly formatting and electronically filing all artwork created, assisting with creating presentations for V.I.P guest and events held at the studio, photo shoots, the editing of items for the website, and completing of spreadsheets and other important documentation. During my undergraduate program, I worked in the Graphic Design and Photography computer lab at Barry University. I was responsible for assisting students with projects, troubleshooting any issues with the computers and related software/hardware, as well as completing all printing jobs required on Epson 3800, 7700, and 9900 printers. Print jobs ranged from basic printing of invitations, photographs and posters to printing for senior and university art exhibitions. My final semester, I was the lab supervisor. I scheduled and facilitated meetings to discuss the work schedule, printing instructions and procedures, lab rules and cleaning expectations. I also ensured that the lab ran smoothly and was closed properly at the end of each day. I am proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Lightroom, and Photoshop.

My dance experience ranges from performing to teaching to volunteer coaching. I have choreographed single pieces for shows to entire recitals, scheduling of tryouts as well as practice times for each piece, costuming, scheduling of photo-shoots, planning of tech week and lighting instructions and all graphic design work including: programs, flyers, and invitations. I’m currently a dance instructor at two studios - the Create a Spark Foundation, where I teach intermediate contemporary and Dance Central LLC, where I teach Hip Hop and Jazz from early elementary to beginner high school levels. For both studios I was required to create choreography for all of my classes and choose costumes. During undergrad, I was elected Captain of the Barry University Dance Team, The Diamonds, and held the position from August of 2013 until May of 2015. As Captain, I selected the uniforms, booked the studio for practices, scheduled weekly practices, went to university meetings, and choreographed the majority of the routines. I was also a member of the Barry University Dance Company (BURDE) in which I danced and choreographed for school events, plays, cultural and social justice advocacy events and concerts.


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