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67 years old
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
17 years

I’m a HubSpot certified content marketer and writer, committed to helping you reach your goals.

Make every pixel on your website work for your success. It’s your unstoppable advertising, marketing and promotion machine, open 24 hours a day. And, a well-written blog will grow your business.

Content marketing begins with a story – the story of your business. If your goal is more customers, my goal is to help you bring them in. Quality content won’t just increase your website visitors, it shows those visitors you know your stuff.

See the story of your business come to life in articles, blog posts, newsletters, website content, social media updates, reports, e-books and case studies. Special project? No problem. Let's talk.

Words are my building blocks, forming the skyscrapers, bridges, and highways you’ll need to reach your chosen goals. From a simple blog post to a technical report, from you to your army of faithful fans, I have all the words you’ll ever need.

Growing up in Los Angeles, I studied English and Art at UCLA. Now, I write and edit for clients all over the world, combining WordPress fluency with rock-star research skills and dedication to detail.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me exploring the wilderness, camera in hand, or cooking up a feast for friends and family.

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